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Downloaded skins don’t appear in game


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Not sure if I’ve done something bad but I download the skin move it into the ‘skins folder’ click ‘extract all’ if it’s compressed. The file has config in it I’m pretty sure that’s correct. And then when I load the game and go to the area that is the select skins drop down in preferences it doesn’t appear anywhere so it’s pretty annoying. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I also uninstalled all other graphic packs etc and it still didn’t work 

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If you’ve got zip files in the skins folder I’d personally move those out of there. Does your si/fm21/skins folder have a config file in it? Or is there only a config file in just the skin you’ve downloaded’s folder? The actual si/fm21/skins folder needs a config file in it too I believe. Well, I’ve got one in there anyway. I've included it in case you don't have it.

Of course, I may have the wrong end of the stick here ...


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