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I am looking to rely a little bit more on homegrown players in my current save, as I've invested a lot in elite youth coaching and State-of-the-Art training facilities, however I'm not looking for a cut-and-paste training schedule or advice to just stick with the defaults, but instead want to craft my own.

I am attempting to build a high-pressing, attacking side (as mostly everyone is) from the youth level up, with many aspects of my Club DNA covered in the 'Transition-Press' schedule. It is implemented three times a week, as all of the attributes covered are considered core to my team and the type of player I need, so it is paramount that all of my youth players develop these attributes, at a young age. Furthermore, it equally focuses on the attacking and defensive units meaning that everyone gets focus on these core attributes. Below is the current skeleton of my training schedule but I don't need these filled in, just giving a little more context. 


I have read the guides to training pinned on the forum and searched for prior threads, but I couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for. Because of this, I have some questions regarding how to best develop my youngsters into first team level players for my team or others, so that I can either blood them in the first team when they turn 18 or loan and eventually sell them on to be valuable players for other teams.

1. Rest: Youth players are said to need more rest than senior players, and because of this, my plan is to leave the two slots after Match Practice empty each week, as well as the slot after Match Review. Also, I leave the Auto intensity set to Normal when at full condition, rather than Double, which I use for the senior team. Is this sufficient rest, too much rest, or just right? 

2. Physical Training: When a player is under 18, their physicals develop naturally. However, if I added one, two, or even three Physical (or Endurance/Quickness) a week, would I see a greater level of physical growth, or is it just overkill?

3. Technical vs Mental Training: As it's well-documented that players develop their mental attributes as they get older and have more game-time, should I focus my youth sessions on technical improvement, as it doesn't improve naturally like physical attributes or with age and game-time like mental attributes?

4. General vs Specific: For example, if I wanted to emphasize my young players' technical abilities in possession, would it be ideal to use 4 general Possession sessions or a combination of 4 Play from the Back, Ball Retention, and Ball Distribution sessions? Also are Overall and Outfield sessions useful in any way at a youth level, or not focused enough for any serious results in terms of building a specific Club DNA?

5. Match Preparation: I know that youth team match results don't matter for youth development, but Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape sessions do train players attributes for their individual roles and focuses, which is something that can be easily tailored in order to mould a young player perfectly. However, as these are match preparation and not individual practice sessions, so it better to use specific training sessions for youth training than match preparation sessions?

6. Individual Training: These final questions generally tie in with 1, 2, and 3 but when planning a youth player's individual training, should I direct their individual focus on the technical or physical sides of their game, or target the weakest point of their game, even if it's a mental facet? Lastly, is an Individual Training Workload of Medium enough for good development or should they be on High?

Thanks for all of your help and I hope others with these questions can find some answers too!


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