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Crazy match schedule.


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I am not sure if this is a bug but..
I am well aware that some match schedules are crazy but in my currentl save (end of season, just got knocked out of europa league, finale Belgian cup and just belgian league).

In real life 3 matches a week is considered crazy, (although it happens sometimes).
In FM it has happens every single year that ive been playing and have been in all three competitions, sometimes with one day break between the games. 

Before Covid i don't recall three games happening in a week ever, i get why this would happen in the first few years, but this cant just keep happening untill 2037 pretty please. 
I think this is some match scheduling bug, but I am not sure?


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Appreciate that schedule is rather hectic - realistically no Belgian club has progressed that far in a major European competition in quite a while, so it's difficult to know how the league would cope with such a clash in real life. Especially considering you're also still in  domestic cup as well. 

They have to fit the fixtures in regardless, so unfortunately that's the consequence on competing on so many fronts. 

Feel the Championship Group has been squeezed in a bit - IRL this season Brugge played six matches between the 2nd of May and the 23rd - so 21 days, whilst you've done the same in 17. It's something we'll look at, but bear in mind fixtures across all the various leagues (including internationals) are incredibly complex, so to avoid clashes sometimes they need to be condensed like this. Thanks for taking the time to raise it here. 

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