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Director of Football Contract Negotiations

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When signing players its possible to tell the DoF the squad role for the player and the max and min wage to offer, this should also be possible when offering contract renewals to your contract players. It should also contain the type of contract to offer (Youth Contract, Non-Contract, Part-time, Full-time).

As this option isn't in the game I have no control over what type of contract my DoF will offer and cant make sure the offer aligns will my goals for the squad and wage budget.

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I dont think this is needed, a great DoF will know things about the club, so he knew what the role the club needed. So if the contract is bad, then your DoF is sucks

I prefer if we can put some rule to DoF for some  added limitation when offering contract, like never give release clause, never give wage raise %, never give sell % fee etc

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Completely disagree with you. A DoF doesnt  work in silo (in isolation from the rest of the staff) , instead they work very cloesely with the coach/manager to make the best decisions for the team. I have no idea how to tell the DoF the type of role I expect a player to have in the team when in reality this will be aconversation that definitialy happens.


I have the option to tell the DOF the role i expect a player to have when I offer transfer targets but I don't have this option when asking the DoF to renew someones contract.

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