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Players played out of position

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This is a bug that has featured in previous versions of FM Mobile but it seems to be happening more frequently in the 2021 version.

I'm playing in the 2nd tier of the Spanish league and I play a lot of teams whose players are being played out of position. I had one game where a striker was playing in goal (I managed to win 1-0 despite playing attacking and instructing my players to shoot on sight).

Has anyone else noticed this? You could argue that the lower leagues will not have the squad depth of the higher leagues but the Spanish 2nd tier is professional so I'm not sure it would apply here.

I know I need to save the game files of these occurrences so will try and remember that for next time.


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Hi, yes I suppose a lower league team might not have the squad depth needed to cover an injured GK and may have been forced to field a striker in goal, but like you say the Spanish 2nd isn't that low, so it definitely sounds odd!

Like you mention, if you are able to provide us with saved game files when this happens again it would help us to investigate this further. thanks for bringing it up though.

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