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CM3040; How can I shorten the goal celebration duration?

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How can I shorten the goal celebration cooldown? In 4.1.5, this time does not prevent passing by pressing f1 or clicking on the opposing team's tactic. Is it possible to shorten this goal celebration time by editing some of the core files of the game?

detail; In order to speed up some matches, when every position summary is on the screen, I press f1 and press the "continue game" button again and I pass the matches quickly.

Note: I'm asking this question to get specific answers from sigames editor and game developers.

thank you for your understanding. Best regards.

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The game is 17 years old and SI do not own that game now after the transfer to Eidos.  You are talking about a very minor change and due to the age of the game it is very unlikely that you will get any support for a game that old.  Perhaps you need to just move on.

Here is the change list for 4.1.5:

We are pleased to announce that we have now made available a further patch for CM 03/04 v4.1.5. In order to install this YOU SHOULD ENSURE YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED 4.1.4

This patch does NOT include all the fixes of the previous patches in an effort to give you a smaller download size. The following is fixed:

- Fixed editor problems with staff and regenerated player names
- Tuned player regeneration
- Fixed bug which meant human players were unlikely to obtain jobs by application
- Fixed bug where the International managers would count virtual players when checking the squad size
- English monthly awards now don't get cleared down at the end of the Russian season


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First of all, thank you for your attention.

maybe i was playing 4.1.
I know about the age of the game and I would like to thank everyone who contributed again. I still play and will continue to play.

I'm just wondering if I can make some customizations in this old game by editing certain files with some editors?

Since the support of the game is now over, I wanted to ask if you think you can go into these files and do something.

I guess there are people like me who will devote time to this. You know, some developers are developing mods to speed up these games like champan.

In summary, what I'm wondering is if a technical person from you can give some information about what is needed to do such a thing, I want to deal with it.

- What programs do I need to develop mods?
- By editing which files is it possible for me to change parameters like this goal celebration etc.?

I'll try it on my own computer and just ask for a favor, which is my responsibility.


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I found a way around this goal celebration. By choosing "only announcer", when important moments come, when I press f1 and then "space", I can pass quickly even if there is a goal. In this way, it takes 40 seconds to play a match.
If someone is curious, they can use this method to do the same.

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I admire your commitment @cutedinazor. I still play cm 99/00 and love it! Although speed is not an issue for me as FM19/FM20 are soo much more in depth, I go back to CM just to remind myself how quickly I used to progress through matches!

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thanks buddy :)




dear si games game developers, if you are looking here or I have a request from the moderators who can forward it to you,
You can shorten the duration of this goal celebration by opening and editing which game file with which editor.

  what I mean is, for example, I'm asking you for something specific, like opening an .xml file and saving the value 3 by setting it to 1 and getting it to be applied.

I found some file extensions such as .cmp and .dat .mdt in the game's directory, in which of these files this goal celebration value is written and can you help me to open and edit it and take the necessary action?

Finally, I can guess that this request is one of the very specific and rare requests, but this is my case :) Regards.




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Sorry to say that we're unfortunately not in any position to provide this kind of help for this title. 

Given that's the case, I'll close this thread. 


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