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Any suggestions to improve this tactic? The aim is to play mainly on the break with Bale (Made younger) and Son as inside forwards. I am using Extreme width to open the channels for them to run into, also a half back to provide cover for the wingbacks.

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I like the basic idea, just a few things.

1) Mainly I'm not sure why you want extreme width? With a DLF/S and a midfield of CM/S and BBM your IF should be the main goal threat and with the extreme width you force them more to the flanks, so they are further away from the goal as they are anyway. I'd rather use normal or even fairly narrow to put them closer to the half spaces being more of a direct threat for goal.

2) Imo you're overly cautious with mentality on cautious AND going for lower DL and LOE (the low mentality pushes them down even more as well). This could come from the preset (?) but is making you sit very deep and pretty passive since you haven't done any changes to the pressing which is lowered by the mentality as well. I'd use Standard DL and Lower LOE, if you want to play like that, use Positive mentality and keep Passing and Tempo on Standard. Keep in mind that with Spurs even first season you'll have about 10 home games where teams are willing to let you have the ball, so lower LOE and standard pressing could lead to borefests pretty quick in these games.

3) Play Out Of Defence is pretty much useless in this tactic and only will get your players to ignore some quick transitions that may be on which you want to achieve.

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