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[Suggestion] New Features for FM 22


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this is based on my FM 20 experience.

1. players has run how much(distance) last matches should be included in player stats window, so we can properly manage game time and reduce injuries

2. add player stat window: ball recoveries, clearances and lost possession in the game. these stats are in the modern game now along with XG

3. improve rating for more defensive minded players, not just based on goals and assist or key passes/chance created
example: ndidi, kante, fofana

4. add new staff, performance coach to help boost player determination/concentration in match preparation training for example

5. add in build match fitness/sharpness sessions into team & individual focus training. unrealistic to rely on matches alone

6. add in recovery/reduce injuries session in player interaction or individual focus
example: player like luke shaw, who's injury prone can play week in week out with improved form

7. improvement on player competitiveness, example when club signed a new player, existing player in the same playing position in club could get morale/determination boost. example when man utd signed buttner and telles and made Evra and Shaw the best in form left back in PL

8. add in game description, mark tighter could lead to more injuries

9. type of training to avoid when players get injured. sprinting, turn sharply.

10. the game make us micromanage too much in reducing training intensity to reduce injuries and improve player condition at the same time make players happy in training

11. inconsistency in gaining match sharpness, when playing and after matches

12. i noticed more players getting flu/cold. any preventions?


thank you. love fm since cm 97/98

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