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[BUG] SChannel TSL error in event viewer


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Dear SI,


I've found/experience a weird bug with Football Manager. I don't know where to place this bug so I place it here.

So when I start a match and end a match in event viewer an SChannel-error appears: "The certificate received from the remote server was not properly validated. The error code is 0x80092012. The TLS connection request failed. The server certificate is in the enclosed information." I tried to see if this error also appears with a clean install and it does. I also *for fun* went back to a my first clean W10-image and the error also appeared.

My guess is that FM21 tries to make a connection to the servers of SI Games either for data-hoarding or the billboards, but it fails to execute. Thus generating this error. I think this error appeared with the lastest update for FM21. So there might be a typo somewhere in the code.

At last can anyone confirm this bug? Just press control and type ''Event viewer'' > Custom Views > management events.


Thank you for reading,


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