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Brazilian state championships


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I'm trying to make a database that adds Rio Grande do Sul as an independent country, the problem is that when I move the teams from the region to my new country, the states championship breaks. So I was wondering if is there a way to remove the brazilian states championships, it would make my life easier.

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I consider myself maybe slightly above average to the editor, so there may be a better solution...but try going to the competition you would like to remove and set it as "extinct"...I don't remember if you also have to manually remove the teams from the now extinct competition or not...I have listed how to do that below


if you want to remove just one club from a competition:

search for that club

go to its "competitions" bar

select the drop down arrow for that competition (I'm assuming its listed in the secondary competitions)

select "none"

this may work, but keep in mind you may also need to replace the team as the competition will likely be looking for a certain number of teams to work properly


hope this helps!

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