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EURO 2020(1?) Football forum average draft - Group I


Group I  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Match 1

  2. 2. Match 2

  3. 3. Match 3

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Three matches in the group, please vote for the winner of each match.
Winner of each group advances to last 16 automatically.
Two second place teams with worst total vote difference are eliminated, so please vote carefully because every vote will count.

Polls are active for ~24h, give or take.

Everyone is welcome to vote, not just players participating in the draft!
Would also be nice if you could write a sentence or two to explain why you voted the way you did.

To avoid shambles, participants of the group can't vote. If you do, your votes don't count.

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Even with the slight awkwardness of Abidal at centre back, it's hard to look past that front three of Scott's, and I reckon having Guerreiro on the left flank does wonders for the side's balance.

Think I'll go for Maxey second and Jorg third, with Jorg there's only really van Basten that stands out as really great, and there's a fair few bodges in the midfield and defence that drag it down (plus bitterness from me for swiping Tymoshchuk and putting him at centre back, the cheek! :mad:) You can never say enough good things about Harry Kane imo, plus we shouldn't forget what a quality player Konoplyanka was on his day, very unlucky not to win a Europa League too with Dnipro (who've since gone bust). Midfield also looks just better structured compared to Jorg's.

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Match 1: Scott wins this fairly comfortably, his side has some wonderful talents and his formation even manages to mask the presence of John O'Shea, by keeping him as a defensive right back and allowing the attackers to flourish. Scott could win this whole thing if he swaps out O'Shea :D

Match 2: Close this. Van Basten is obviously fantastic but Gudjohnsen and Laudrup the Lesser were both great creators and would do well here I feel, especially against the underwhelming defensive players on Maxey's team of Meunier, Repka and Myhre. Despite the presence of Laudrup the Greater, Kane and the flaky van der Vaart I think Jorg's back 3 plus defensive Sousa would keep them at bay.

Match 3: Scott wins this, his unstoppable force attacking team with well balanced midfield and defence would win comfortably by 2 or 3 goals as despite the good back 3 + Sousa they are simply outclassed.

This is the first group where all three teams are well balanced so I could go pound for pound on players :D Unlucky to Maxey, he'd have sailed through some other groups.

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