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[FM21] Benidorm Youth Only Challenge

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29 minutes ago, OlivierL said:

Turning Pro is very very important, great job !

It definitely is. Have locked down players for a few years after having to protest several transfers in the summer (thankfully they agreed!)

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Mid-Season Review



An amazing season thus far. It seems the step up isnt a big one and we have continued our great form on to the new season. One match missing as I couldn't fit it in was a 5-1 win away to La Roda!

League Table


We sit 4pts clear at just after the halfway stage and 8pts clear of 3rd!

Spanish Cup


We finally got past the first round and in some style. A mainly 2nd string team (except for the strikers) battered Azuqueca 11-0!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kerr has 6 goals in 20 games and Diatta has 0 goals in 3 games so far!

Player Review - Moshiko Argamani (YP26E)


Showing really good improvement pretty much in all areas. 12 goals in 19 games is a great return this season!

Youth Intake Preview


A big goalkeeper prospect and another centre back prospect would be great. On the wing is really were we need a big player to come through!

Youth Review



Centre Backs


Full Backs


Def. Mid


Att. Mid






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Is This Istanbul?


When pushing for promotion some games stick in your mind. This will be one. In the 85th minute we were 3-0 down. In the 96th minute we were 4-3 up. Absolutely incredible!

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End Of Season



Another very solid 2nd half to the season. Was it enough for promotion?

League Table


It was! We had promotion wrapped up with 2 games left and even though we still had a shot at the title I decided to give more game time to those who havent had as much including 3 of our most recent intake!

Spanish Cup


We managed to get through 2 rounds but our backup players weren't good enough to get passed Extremadura as we prioritised our promotion push!

Goalkeeper Watch

Kerr scored 7 goals in 35 games, Diatta didn't get off the mark in 4 games and Balaguer didn't score in his 2 games at the end of the season.

Player Review - Jorge Marrero (YP26B)


Got game time both in the holding role as well as out left as we got a few injuries. Rapid development from him this season jumping an impressive 17 CA points! Useful in providing 6 assists and 2 goals also!

Player Of The Season - Dinko Kovacec (YP25C)


For the 2nd season in a row Kovacec picked up the top goalscorer in the league award scoring an impressive 33 goals in it which was 7 clear of his closest rival. 38 in total as well as 10 assists show how important he was this season!

Young Player Of The Season - Moshiko Argamani (YP26E)


With Merchant leaving last year I thought we would have a void in the team but Argamani really has stepped up. Ending up with 23 goals in 32 games which really helped us go up this season!

Youth Review



Kerr continues his solid development and should hopefully be pushing up towards the 100 CA mark next season. He continued to provide solid goals from penalties and set pieces as well.

Balaguer is our new number 2. Diatta hadn't developed at all really in 2 seasons. I will get him game time where possible, especially in the Cup.

Centre Backs


Sanchez continues to be our main man at the back but is starting to get pushed hard by others. He again provided solid assists and goals from centre back.

Alvarez had a breakout year and developed 19 CA points. Also provided 3 goals from centre back and was vital for our promotion this season.

Juan Pablo is our up and coming star. At 6 foot 6 if we can develop him a bit further not only will he be vital at the back but could be very good in set piece situations.

Prieto is our 4th choice now. Still some way from being a regular starter but definitely has potential. Got some game time at the end of the season and can hopefully be rotated next season to aid development.

Full Backs


Carlos went from being our starting left back to being overtaken by Pau in the backend of the season. Still a very solid player and provided 4 assists this season.

Allende has hit the big milestone of 100 CA and is our main right back. Provided another impressive 7 assists from full back.

Pau was our rotational player on each side for the first 6 months before his development starting going through the roof and he ousted Carlos as our starting left back. Provided a very solid 6 assists!

Pepe hasn't developed this year despite his game time. He will continue to be our 4th choice full back but I hope next season his stats will develop as we have others that could push him out of the first team.

Def. Mid


Moreira was our 3rd choice in the position but still got solid game time and showed good development. A goal and 2 assists from his limited game time shows that we do have a solid prospect on our hands.

Cox will be our next 100 CA player, he is developing incredibly quickly and is providing goals and assists from this deep role which is making a big difference.

Marrero has been backup DMC as well as sometimes filling in on the left hand side when suspensions and injuries hit. Amazing development this year which will hopefully continue next season. 

Att. Mid


Samb has become another player to hit the 100 CA mark but his development has slowed as he approaches towards his top PA. Again another solid season in terms of numbers with 9 goals, including a hat trick in injury time. and 6 assists.

Bilbao had limited game time but has shot up in double figures in CA development. If he keeps it up he will get more game time and the planned loan out might be scrapped!

Carbonell like Pepe hasn't developed despite a fair bit of game time. A potential loan move next season might be the best option for all parties.



Torrella has again shown great development. Despite his limited potential he really has stepped up for the team in the past 2 season. 6 goals and 8 assists is a very good return.

Perez was called up to replace Ibarra and he has stepped up and shown good development as well as providing 5 assists. Lets hope he can get off the mark next season with a few goals.

Martinez was used mainly from the bench and despite his bad personality has went up a very good 6 CA points. I am hoping with being professional now we are reaping the benefits.



Sayabera was doing time mainly on the wing but also joined in up top. He had the most assists out of anyone in the league and again provided us with double figures in terms go goals.

Argamani has his breakthrough season. 23 goals is a fantastic return and 16 CA points developed. 

Kovacec is now our main man ip top. An unbelievable 38 goals in 36 starts as well as double figures in assists. May be difficult to keep him if his form keeps up!

Gonzalez was one of the new intake and has come up to be our 4th choice striker. Will have limited game time but we dont have much additional options outside of him.

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