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Unavailable players (international duties)... still available for a club's friendly games!

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Guys, I'm Football Manager (Championship Manager) fan since 2002 and I'm absolutely surprised that 7 months after game release I'm still founding such a big bugs:

1. 05.09 - I've organized friendly game between my club and Sokol Kleczew:


2.  Info about unavailable players - international duties (Mannion - England, Ninković - Serbia, Gumny, Butenko, Puchacz, Slisz, Cielemęcki, Musiałowski - Poland).


3. Poland had a game 03.09 against Faroe Islands. My players: Butenko, Puchacz, Cielemęcki and Slisz:


4. Matchday (friendly game against Sokol Kleczew, 05.09). Icons saying who is unavailable:


5. Squad against Sokol Kleczew (my assistant leads the team):



Would you like to do something about it? Kind regards!

Lukasz Czyżycki "Mahdi", Mój Football Manager editor-in-chief


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Posted (edited)

UPDATE: it all happens when you let your assistant leads friendly matches! If you do it on your own, everything is fine. Shouldn't be like that!

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It's an issue we're aware of and as you've said, only occurs when the assistant manages friendlies. We're looking into it for any future versions of FM.


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