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[FM21] From Unplayable in Basque until FM22 - Taking on the Youth Academy Only Challenge with a twist

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[FM21] From Unplayable in Basque until FM22 - Taking on the Youth Academy Only Challenge with a Twist

After taking some time to enjoy reading the challenges on this forum, decided to give one a go until FM22. Some of the struggles in there and seeing people spending 10-20 years in one league before finally moving up is impressive and just dedication to taking an unfavourable team to glory. The relegation's that also don't generally happen, failed play-off's and lost cup games. All the raw emotions and frustrations the game needs. I looked at VNS and VNN but just didn't find a team I really wanted to take the long road with or hadn't been done, maybe next season.

That been said, playing this with my own twist that I will follow the "The FM21 Youth Academy Challenge"  but will also follow Athletic Club "Basque Only" Policy. I think been able to sign other Basque players would have aided the story, and I've gone back and forward on Youth only or buying Basque players also but decided to go with the harder option. Maybe that will be a challenge I add up in the challenges for FM22 once I see how the Basque Youth Academy only goes. Holidaying for the season, there was 4 Basque Teams that I could see going from unplayable to playable- CD San Ignacio, P.S. Tafalla, Gernika and Sestao RIver Club. 


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Posted (edited)

And it's all over. Sestao River cannot score the one goal in the second half they needed to finish 3rd for the play-off spot.


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2 hours ago, dsousa96 said:

I loving this save, I'll follow for sure.

Thank You! It's definitely proving to be a challenge so far!

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