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[Suggestion] Player recover in another team

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I don't know if this is "too much Brazilian" situation but I want to suggest three situations

1 - Player loaned gets an injury and recovering in main club (of course cases that main club have a better medic/physio team) WITHOUT ends the loan.

How game can simulate it: The player stay in his main club until his injury became "orange", he will recover faster than if he have did it in loaned club, but will "forget" the tatics assimilations from his loan club and his relations with players/staff from this loan club will not be improved (and he could get better relation with people from his main club).

2 - Player playing in abroad asks to recover in a team from his nationality

How game can simulate it:  A player ask to come back to his country until recover from his injury, (Normally a team he have a conection like played there, or is one of his favorite or he is favorite in club), this can improve his relation with staff/players members of this team and this team maybe can try buy/loan the player after it and he will become more willing to accept even is a famous player. This can happen more with player that are a long time playing out his home country and players with low adaptability

Ex: When Ronaldo was injuried in Milan, Flamengo offered to he do his recovery there: https://www.uol.com.br/esporte/futebol/ultimas/2008/02/26/ult59u147706.jhtm

3- Free Agent asks to keep fit in a club

How game can simulate it: A free agent ask to keep his fit in a club, he will not participate of training just the strenght/pace one, the assistant Manager will inform the manager about him and maybe club became more willing to offer a contract, or teams from same nation. Player will preffer his favorite clubs (or clubs that have him in favorite) or teams he already played, will happen more with 30+ players (that do not want do retire but are free agent now)


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