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EURO 2020(1?) Football forum average draft - Group B


Group B  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Match 1

  2. 2. Match 2

  3. 3. Match 3

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Three matches in the group, please vote for the winner of each match.
Winner of each group advances to last 16 automatically.
Two second place teams with worst total vote difference are eliminated, so please vote carefully because every vote will count.

Polls are active for ~24h, give or take.

Everyone is welcome to vote, not just players participating in the draft!
Would also be nice if you could write a sentence or two to explain why you voted the way you did.

To avoid shambles, participants of the group can't vote. If you do, your votes don't count.

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Just now, Yuko said:

what's the policy on voting for participants?

I'm fine with anything.

Some people consider voting for yourself not to be in the spirit of fair-play, but I don't care.


Unless everyone is fine that the votes of members in the given group don't count.

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This is a very tough group.

Match 1 - I don't rate Baptista's back four, Gallas is a flake and Pepe could just as easily give away a pen and a red card than play incredibly. The full backs are good going forwards but not sure they add loads to the defence. Great front 5 with Kimmich holding, but I think they'd be seen off by Yuko's backline, and I think they'd be on the defensive more than the attack. Yuko doesn't really have a defensive mid in there, but I think with the back 3 and no particularly attacking mids on Baptista's team he'd win. Yuko wins in an entertaining match.

Match 2 - Two attacking full backs for Kawee, but he has two extremely good defensive midfielders to help them out. This would be an odd game of few chances as the only player in the centre of midfield on either team making runs from deep is probably Balakov! Having said that I think both teams would have won win this on a moment of class, which either team could provide. Having said that, I think Kawee wins this with something from the magic 3 behind Lineker. Close Kawee win by 1-0.

Match 3 - This is a bit easier to call, i think Kawee's lack of players joining the front 4 means they'd be a bit isolated even with advanced full backs, and the 3/5 man defence of Yuko means they'd be fended off fairly easily. With Gattuso and Makelele offering nothing going forwards, Yuko can attack with 7 players keeping 3 in defence back, and I think he forces his way through to win this. Yuko wins by a couple of goals.

Baptista can feel very harshly treated by being in this group.

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Really tough to separate these three teams, not just Baptista but I think all three managers can consider themselves unlucky to be drawn together.

I think I give Baptista the slight edge in a close game against Yuko - in a somewhat controversial opinion I think Pepe, after he got over his early dirty streak, became Real Madrid's best centre back in their msot recent CL winning days, and exactly the type of character you'd need to knock that sulk Gallas into shape. Both midfield's look class here but it's hard to look past a prime Xavi and Kimmich, even with Beckenbauer coming up to support Yuko's lot I just see Baptista's three running the show, the combined brains and instinctive technique would just be too much, even Balakov achieved some good things in his day for the teams he was in. Bale was also an immense player who ought to in a sane world be treated as Real Madrid legend, to bring them up again Plus, I just love a good 4-3-3!

Yuko's team I think just about wins the day over Kawee, whose team isn't bad by any stretch but could perhaps do with a bit more midfield creativity, plus I'm not sure that all his forward players are all in their ideal positions. Can't do much better than Lineker as a predatory finisher though. Yuko to me just has the better midfield balance, and Gentile makes his defence look a lot better than it might otherwise.

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This is a really good group. Whoever goes out can consider themselves very unlucky here. All the teams have really good midfields and forwards.

Yuko should win out based on his back 3 and Match 2 is difficult to call. Ultimately, I think Xavi-Kimmich-Balakov would do just enough to hold off Kawee.

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Yuko comfortably. Baptista-Kawee is a tough call. I think if they played 10 times, it'd be a pretty even split, but having to pick a winner, went with the side I figured would be less likely to beat itself. 

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