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EURO 2020(1?) Football forum average draft - Group A


Group A  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Match 1

  2. 2. Match 2

  3. 3. Match 3

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Three matches in the group, please vote for the winner of each match.
Winner of each group advances to last 16 automatically.
Two second place teams with worst total vote difference are eliminated, so please vote carefully because every vote could potentially be decisive.

Polls are active for ~24h, give or take.

Everyone is welcome to vote, not just players participating in the draft!
Would also be nice if you could write a sentence or two to explain why you voted the way you did.

To avoid shambles, participants of the group can't vote. If you do, your votes don't count.

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Match 1 - Adhikapp's wing back's aren't amazing, but they overwhelm Trueblue's wide players who don't defend, and Deschamps isn't really defensive either. While his front 3 get nothing from Vertonghen, Terry and Barzagli, with Albelda holding. Adhikapp easy win.

Match 2 - Very tough to call, I think Xulubak's slightly better midfield and wing backs wins this, though he doesn't really have a holding player Gravesen and Albelda won't cause him many problems at the back, so he can go man for man with Adhikapp's front 3. Close Xulubak win by the odd goal.

Match 3 - It's a shame for Trueblue because he has some fantastic players, but his defence is just too exposed for his team to win. Easy win for Xulubak.

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I think the 3rd one's the closest. It has the elements of being one of those 7-6 scorelines you see on video games. I just went for the more balanced team there. 

2nd tie is very close, agreed. 

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To me all three teams are quite easily seperable:

ahdikapp's is the best, with all his defensive players well up to the rigours of modern football and then some - Coentrão's peak may have been short but he was a class attacking fullback too, and as an England fan it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Versaljko's man-of-the-match performance in us in the World Cup.  Midfield is pairly defensive midfield but counterbalanced by one of the best attacking mids of all time in Platini, the fullbacks have plenty of license to go forward and support the attack too. This looks like the side that would function best as a team.

Xulubak's comes second, plenty of quality players but you sense that there's a stark difference between how well that team would fare with and without the ball - not too much ability to press and for sure it would begin to tire much quicker than ahdikapp's down the stretch. Dembélé could probably complement each other very well in midfield and Papin was of course a deadly finisher, fullbacks were great crossers and I love that he has the first ever player to win European Cups with two different teams in defence - if only that defence was more ably backed up by the rest of the team!

trueblue's would struggle the most, as much as I'm a fan of Nedvěd (who ought to be talked about more as one of the great midfielders of the 21st century), there's only four defensive players and not really enough protecting the flanks. Sigurðsson's plonked in central midfield when he's basically a modern enganche who doesn't contribute much beyond shots and passes in and around the edge of the penalty area, and the odd free kick. Attacking players are quite good, but I wouldn't say it really sets his teap apart from either of his group opponents here, and Arnautović and Lukaku I feel might just end up getting in each others' way a bit too much.

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Adhikapp has the best team of the three, good at the back, a somewhat defensive midfield, but a very good attack. I think he wins both games. 

XuluBak has a solid backbone, Casillas, Nesta and Belodedici are excellent, and Korkmaz is more than decent. He has what he needs to see off trueblue's team, who, I have to say, has gone for a strange choice of players and a strange formation.

As I said, adhikapp wins both games, and XuluBak beats trueblue. 

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I think myself vs Adhikapp has 0-0 written all over it, but the vote is going largely as expected. 

I genuinely have no idea what trueblue was going for, but it doesn't make sense, nor do the votes against me. The formation could be interesting with the right players, but Gylfi would be completely overwhelmed in the middle, and that seems a grave waste of Stojković. 

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