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U19 team ineligible for promotion.

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So I've got a save on FM20 with Unaio de Medeira in the Portuguese Championship in my 2nd season.

My U19 team team finished top of their second division league and qualified for a end of season 6 team mini league where the top 3 get promoted to division 1 but in the rules is says that my U19 team is ineligible for promotion.

Has anyone come across this before or can explain why they might be ineligible? Is it a bug?

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Without knowing the specifics of the Portuguese leagues, there are often limits to how far up the league pyramid 2nd teams, U19s, or similar can rise. Often they have to at least be one tier below the first team, but some countries have a max level for those teams that is set in stone in the league rules. In Norway for example, the 2nd teams cannot go higher than the 3rd tier no matter what. Have a google about Portuguese league rules and see what they are.

If you think it's wrong, then please post about it (with proof, of course) in the right thread in the League Specific issues section of this forum so the researcher can look at it.

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