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Staff Interface List Change


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Hi, somehow my staff list has changed whereby if the list is “team” and it goes senior squad, then u23, u18 then the coaches, physios, directors etc. are all in random order whereas before they were in correct order. I know it’s an OCD problem but it really bugs me. Any ideas to change it back to the original default setting or how I may have done this by accident would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried resetting and defaulting the settings but to no avail. I managed to reset it last time but only by deleting the game and resetting it all from the beginning again. It changed to this setting again when I went to click on “contract” and go to “mental attributes” to see which scout had the best attribute. As soon as I wanted to go back it came back to this problem yet again. I’m into a long save. I wouldn’t like to delete it. Thanks in advance. 


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