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I think I have created a system similar to the 4-4-2 (4-6-0) game of manchester city against psg, can you take a look at the shortcomings?

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FB: Take fewer risk, cut inside with ball, hold position, sit narrower, close down less

BPD(stopper): Drible more, close down more

BPD(cover): Hold position,close down less  mark tighter

IWB: Close down more, tackle harder , mark tighter , mark spesific position (AMR)

Winger: Close down more, mark tighter, mark spesific position (DR)

CMat: Stay wider, close down more, mark tihgter, mark spesific position (MCR)

CMdef: Dribble Less

IWsu: Shoot more often, stay wider

F9s: Roam from position, close down more , mark tighter , mark spesific position (DCL and DCR) move into channels*(I'm not sure about choosing to move into channels)


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i don't like the tactic and a lot of things don't make sense to me. But anyway, have you tested it to see whether and how it works? Because in FM it sometimes happens that even poorly designed tactics somehow prove successful (especially if you manage a strong team).

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