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I'm so fed up of buying this game every year and struggling to get any sort of consistent success with any tactic - even "successful" ones recommended by people online.  It all amounts to the same thing in the end, occasional random success (but you're not quite sure why) followed by more struggles and underachievement with tactics that previously worked very well.

The only way this is going to get better is if we vote with our wallets and stop buying the game, then they might realise that there are people out there that are not hard core FM players that demand that every team is a massive struggle to manage.

I know people will come out with the usual "git gud" nonsense, but honestly I've been playing this game long before it even became FM and it has become clear that making the game too hard is a deliberate choice in order to get people to keep buying the game in the hope that the next version will be "the one".  Of course it never will be.

If you want further proof of this, consider this year's game.  The match engine was INcredible within the game's launch window.  Fun, enjoyable and realistic.  Fast forward several months and the match engine is back to being rock hard and completely inaccessible.  They made a mistake by making the game actually fun to play and they patched the hell out of it to make sure it didn't stay that way.  Not only that but I've just found out that it is impossible to revert to the earlier patches, so you are stuck with this mess of a game ( as confirmed by a sarcastic moderator displaying the usual toxic attitude towards anyone that dares speak out against the Great Game).

Oh well, maybe next years game will be the one, eh lads... :rolleyes:


PS - This will be locked straight away because freedom of speech isn't really a thing here... :rolleyes:


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You came in and asked a loaded question, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and answered you and even provided a screenshot. You didn't show any gratitude for the assistance, but rather complained about it. So I told you why I think the reason is, and you started to complain about it. Not sure how I was "toxic" there. However, if you have any complains about the moderating please use the "contact us" as the bottom of the page.

You don't like the game, then I suggest you find something to do that brings you joy instead. And I wish you luck in that endeavour.

I will lock the thread, and I suggest you read up on house rules and the terms and conditions to using this forum.

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