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[FM21] Athletic Club - Con cantera y afición, no hace falta importación


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Athletic Club

Con cantera y afición, no hace falta importación - With home-grown talent and local support, there’s no need for imports


After not really playing FM21 much at all, less than 40 hours, the time is now to jump into a long term save to occupy me until FM22. Athletic Club have always been close to my heart, especially with the Basque Only Policy. I have tried to emulate this with other clubs but it feels wrong to not use Athletic Club. I thought about trying to use a lower Basque team, and maybe that is something for FM22, but for now "Los Leones" are ready to Roar and fight back from a below average past few season. Finishing 11th was the final straw as we usher in a new era with new Manager - Pedro Zarra.




New Beginning, Same Basque Policy

With over 75 players across 4 squads, the sheer magnitude of the task starts to dawn on Zarra as he looks at what €950,000 a week in wages looks like. With just €45,000 left to play with, this may be required to secure top prospects to long term deals. With an extremely healthy €32,000,000 in the bank and €25,000,000 of that available for transfers, the first month may be spent heavily involved in contracts and outgoing transfers.

Heavy Hitters -

  • Iñigo Martínez - 29 - DC - €170,000 per week - Expires 30/06/2023
  • Raúl García - 34 - AM/ST - €110,000 per week - Expires 30/06/2021
  • Yuri Berchiche - 30 - DL - €87,000 per week - Expires 30/06/2022

Chopping Block - Transfer Listed

  • Iago Herrerin - 32 - GK - €13,000 per week - Expires 30/06/2021
  • Iñigo Lekuke - 27 - D/M L - €9,500 per week - Expires 30/06/2023
  • Mikel Balenziaga - 32 - D/M L - €14,250 per week - 30/06/2021


Lezama Facilities 


With "Superb" Youth facilities, home grown Basque players coming through the youth system will be the primary focus of Zarra moving forward. If he wants to continue to build through youth, some star players may have to be sold to fund further improvements to Lezama to truly bring "World Class" Youth facilities to Bilbao. With huge Basque pride in the area and rivals slapping a heavy price-tag on their own talented youngsters, Lezama will be the best way to build a golden generation and start to challenge for league titles.

2020/21 Season Expectations


Zarra has to qualify for Europe if he wants to keep his Job. Europa League will do, Champions League would really cement the push for a contract extension. Beating Barca and Real Madrid will always be the challenge that all Spanish Clubs must figure out how to do. 

Zarra To Do List

  1. Evaluate all players from Athletic Club, Bilbao Athletic, Athletic Bilbao C and Under 19 squad and move to correct squads.
  2. Secure all talented young players to long term contracts and high release clauses.
  3. Move on several players who will not feature to free up wage budget.
  4. Implement a high tempo, high energy tactic to work to teams strengths. Looking 4-1-3-2 or 4-2-3-1 as possible systems.
  5. Scout all Basque players to identify future potential signings.
  6. Look to improve youth recruitment and facilities at first opportunity.
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7 hours ago, causeforconcern said:

I never manage clubs in top leagues but I've always been interested in a Bilbao save due to their policies. Definitely interested in this thread! 

There's a few others in Segunda B available (Real Union, Amorebieta or Arenas Getxo) where you could impose yourself exactly the same policy.

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I started the same save last week and won the league in the first season itself. IDK if this version of FM is too easy or my tactics were OP. Some of the screenshots of the 1st season below. For the new season I am thinking of getting in Mikel Merino as he's the only one who can improve my first 11. Let's see how long it takes to win CL.tactics.thumb.png.31824510a534920b9dcd674ed42f9fe6.png






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