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Eastside Hockey Manager Public Beta 1.5 Updated - Changelist Included

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As you may have seen recently seen, we released Public Beta version 1.5 for Eastside Hockey Manager which included a whole host of changes and updates for the game.

We're happy to announce we've now updated this version with the following:

Eastside Hockey Manager Build 1543067 changelist
- Fixed crash issue with custom databases with edited continental competitions
- Fix for a possible crash when initialising contract details from some custom DBs
- Fixed spacing of custom flags in nation buttons with flag icons
- Fixed sort order of comps in database table when starting a new game to fix some UI issues in custom databases with a lot of playable leagues
- Fixed "Trade Centre" link from home screen sending the user to an empty panel in the comp screen
- Fixed player pools being mixed in the Waiver Wire screen
- Fixed "Claim Player From Waivers" right click action being available on waived players from other leagues
- Fixed waiver claims made to expire in 7 days if something unexpected happens to the player before the claim is processed
- Improved Waiver Wire screen layout when there is a huge list of players on waivers
- Fix to Teams list screen not showing National or U20 teams and defaulting to featured clubs
- Stopped agents offer out players to clubs that cannot sign them or can only draft them in the future 
- A few general stability issues fixed
- General code optimizations

In-Game Engine v86
- Small scoring level adjustments for d-men

If you do find any issues with this version, please do take the time to let us know via the EHM Bugs Forum - https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/292-eastside-hockey-manager-bugs-forum/

Details on how to access this beta can be found below:

- Open Steam
- Go to ‘Eastside Hockey Manager’ within your Steam Library
- Right-Click on the game and select 'Properties'
- Select the 'Beta'
- Via the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into' dropdown, select 'public beta'
- This will now begin the download process for the Public Beta update
- Close the Properties panel by clicking the ‘X’ in the top-right hand corner and launch the game when the download has completed

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A small fix was issued today to fix a crash on the Preferences screen:

Build 1544388
- Fixed crash on exiting Preferences screen

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Another update, this time containing the following changes:

Build 1544712
- Fixed GK shutouts shown in wrong column in player stats history screen (was shown under FS)
- Fixed GK shutouts and saves totals not being shown in the comp totals and career totals in the player stats history screen
- Fixed Selected Leagues screen crashing with some custom databases after game has been started
- Increased network buffer size for online games
- Added verification of player career stat totals at game start for selected playable leagues to fix incorrect rookie status on some players who were missing cached data
- Fixed possible rare crash on draft screens
- Fixes to manager reputation and board confidence adjustments
- Fixed an issue with storing of highlights from past games
- Various stability fixes

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