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How can I use Raumdeuter efficiently? Can you help my system?

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I would try with the following:


APsu                                     RMD

MEZat    DLPsu


IWBsu     CDde   CDde     WBsu


Remove pass into space. Remove focus left. Remove wide attacking width.

Add underlap right.

Higher D-line instead of much higher. Standard LOE insted of lower.

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IWB will keep width on that flank to some extend, but i don't think sufficiently. Complete Wingback will do the job with creativity to complement your style of play. DLP in DM or as ED suggested HB will cover for the forward runs.

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I evaluated your suggestions and prepared these 2 tactics to use raumdeuter on the right and left sides. Not sure about d-line and loe. Sometimes I get stuck because my opponents parked on the bus






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