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Substitution Glitch (2 Players Come Off, Only 1 Comes On)

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Hi, so I recently encountered a glitch in the match engine when I tried to make a substitution.

Basically, I had a substitution pending and decided to take out a different player instead. I cancelled the tactical changes and then made the new substitution that I wanted to do instead. However when the substitution occurred, both players came off and only one player came on. So even though I should have had one more substitution, it showed that I had used all of the substitutions AND that I was down to ten men. You can see on the attached screenshot of the tactical menu that it shows three players coming off the field and only two going on, despite no injuries or red cards.

Haven't run into this issue before and I'm guessing it only happens when you cancel a substitution and put the same substitute in for a different player, but I figured I would post it here so it can hopefully be addressed at some point.


RB South Africa v Ses Khona.pkm

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