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Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I'm not 100% sure if I've used the right subforum. If not, I'll happily move it. I did a quick search and didn't seem to find this bug anywhere else.

I'm currently playing a journeyman save, and  I've applied to a number of different jobs during it without encountering any issues until now.

I quit my former club Metalist at the end of last season and applied to a few clubs and did interviews, but my preferred choice was Basel. I got a first interiew with them on June 20th. I replied to the interview as normal, with the only response aside from normal saying that I'd give up on all the other applications, since I figured that might help me get the job.

8 days later, instead of a response, I get a second interview request from Basel. When I click to atted the interview it sends me to the club overview page and still says i need to give a response. When I click to deny the interview, I give up the job as is normal.

I've provided a screenshot of the double interviews and a game file. Game date is the autosave from June 28th at 0:00, and the 2nd interview occured later that day. File name is "carry on my wayward son.fm" (I found it fitting for a journeyman save :lol:)



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hey @henriquesser, sorry about this issue

I'll happily take a look for you, do you think you could upload that autosave you mentioned to our cloud please? That way, I can see what you're getting and log it for our developers.

We have a cloud service for our saves, no file limit, just let me know what the name of it is and I'll pick it up:


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Cheers for the saves! Sorry about this happening in your game, I have managed to replicate and I've passed it over to our devs, to see what we can do about this happening in future

Many thanks!

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