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I have just got Oldham promoted from League Two to the Championship in two seasons against all odds, champion League Two and runners up in League One,  Players who has CA  decent National League player is 1 and leading League One  player is 9, The squad average CA 3,4 is somewhere  between leading National League and decent League Two. A few have PA to be better. No one is interested in signing for Oldham,  I can bring in loans Premier League talents or free transfers.   After Brexit the poosibelity to sign foregin players for a club like Oldhan is non exsisting.

All ideas are welcome. 

An idea could be signing players with League One CA this will increase the average CA. If you increase the CA to good/leading League Two/decent League One.  I  could possible avoid relegation from the Champion,ship. 

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The attraction of your club to players you are trying to buy is linked to the club, league and manager reputations and the ability to pay an attractive wage.  These all grow with on-field success but grow slowly, so you may need to consolidate for a season by bringing in good quality loans before attracting better players

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I've taken a lower league club to the Premier League in similar circumstances. Our resources are by far the smallest in the division and we're currently sharing another stadium. I liken my experience to Huddersfield Town a couple of seasons back. My players are nearly all Championship standard with Premier League potential for the younger ones. We consistently concede 4 or 5 to the Top 6 sides and struggle for 1-0 victories over the teams about us. We survived relegation by the skin of our teeth in the first season and may not the second. I notice I need a smaller squad in the Premier so I've loaned out eight players - I've calculated if we get relegated I'll want them back; banking the TV cash and regrouping, giving my young players another year to mature in the Championship to push for promotion back to the Premier, might prove the best situation in the long term.

In your case, are your board expecting you to 'fight bravely against relegation'? If so, you might not get sacked going down and can buy yourself time. More likely, you'll survive so what I'd do is invest in improving your training facilities and focus on developing your best-potential young players, giving them top training and gametime. I'd do that rather than bring in loanees, focusing on the future with a long-term plan rather than try to win every game now.

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In a FM20 save with Crewe I took them from League Two to Premier League in 3 seasons playing attacing football. I had some difficulties the first season in Premier League with a squad of players of Championship quality. I took a gambling in  2022 World cup break in november and december i changed my tactic to a more deffencive tactic.  Arranged  7 friendlies during the break so my my players could get used to the new tactic. We finished 6 or 7 in the first season. Two or three seasons later we won the Premier League and reached the CL semifinal. 

I agree it is imoportent to improve training  facilities and get the best coaches with a high working with youngsters attribute. I am working on this. Some of my youngsters  are given playing time. One of my 16 year old strikers pfayed 12 league ganes scoring 7 guals. 


Can I use FM20 tactics in FM21 and will they work. 

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When getting fast promotions you have to be ruthless with the players in your Squad. Sell/release those that don't have the ability to compete in your new league. Replace these with Players that will improve your squad. If you are struggling to attract players Loans are your friend. 5 good Loanees  in positions you are struggling to fill will sustain your team for the year. Remember to loan for your tactic and not because of their reputation. Raid Top 6 Premier League clubs U23's and if that does not pan out work your way down the hierarchy. Look abroad for loanees who do not need/will get Work Permits. I spend a huge amount of time doing this every off season. Currently I have Bolton in their first Season in the Premier League and feel confident about securing a Low end mid table position.

20/21 League 2 Winners

21/22 League 1 4th - lost Play-offs

22/23 League 1 Winners

23/24 Championship 10th

24/25 Championship 7th

25/26 Championship 1st (Won league on Final day when Hull bottled against already relegated  Plymouth)

26/27 ???

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All good ideas.  A few to add:

- in particular, loan in (or sign if you're lucky) a good GK, play a solid defensive system and you'll pick up extra points with 0-0 and 1-1 draws;

- save transfer and wage money for the January transfer window, and you can sign/loan-in players who are not getting playing time elsewhere and/or have expiring contracts;

- in April, if you're getting promoted, begin to scout players from the teams who will get relegated from your new league -- look at their release clauses if you have money to spend;

- do this especially with teams who have been relegated down and fail to regain promotion the following year, because their players will get frustrated.


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