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In training....

When I ask a member of staff about a new trait for a player its always a negative reaction (do they ever agree?) and when you ask them for their recommendation its always something completely unrelated e.g. I am asking about finishing and they come back with a tackling recommendation. So 3 requests:

  1. Can there be an option to ask a staff member what they think we should train the player on (e.g. as an alternative to me asking them to start something)
  2. Can the staff members be aligned to how I have it set up in training>coach assignments e.g. defensive, tactical traits coming up with the coaches I have assigned to defensive tactical training
  3. If I do ask a staff member to start some training e.g. finishing, place shots can the alternative recommendation be about finishing e.g hits shots with power etc NOT some other part of their game that is totally unrelated?


In tactics....

Would it be possible to implement some form of expected heat map based on the shape, mentality & roles I have chosen. The individual role information is helpful but doesn't help me look at my tactics based on different role interactions e.g. my wingback and my inside forward etc or to build a tactic based on where I want players to spend their time on the pitch or even adapt my tactics in games to exploit/defend against my opposition . To expand...

  1. A view on the tactics screen (that you can toggle on and off) based on the roles I have chosen and where players (in that role) would be expected to be in a standard game
  2. Heat maps that change based on things I change e.g.
  • Team mentality (how it changes based on me going more or less attacking
  • Player mentality (e.g. from defend, to support to attack)
  • Role elements I choose (if I tick stay wider, sit narrower etc)
  • Player capabilities e.g a natural player in that role would behave differently to someone competent or not competent in that position/role
  • Player traits e.g. someone who hugs the line vs cuts in would change the shape


Additionally to this would it be possible in the analysis of opposition games (in the lead up) and analysis of the match (during) to have some kind of views that allow me to see the typical positions being taken up by the opposition players, the areas of the pitch that dangerous situations are coming from etc to allow me to either proactively exploit (get wide behind their advanced fullbacks, drop into the space just in front of their defence) or defend against (get a second player out into the space the winger is attacking) opposition tactics







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