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"European World Cup Qualifier has more teams that it should"


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Hello there! I'm working on something on my Editor and I'd appreciate some help...
So the thing is I created a new nation in Europe, move one of the existing ones to Asia to create space but when I try to test the rules for my country (league and cup system) the editor comes up with an error in the European Qualifications for the World Cup, as there are more than 55 teams. That means that the nation I sent to Asia is still participating in the Euro Quali as it is my new nation...
As it is a Quali, there are no teams enroled on the database until you start the simulation. I tried editing the competition on the advanced rules, but it appears empty (league nations, for example, has teams). I don't think that creating it from scratch is an option as this is a nation's rules' file (I could do it in another file, but that won't fix my test problem for my nation).
Also if I delete the competition, the editor crashes (of course).
If anyone has any idea about how to solve it I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
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