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The Jack Grealish (and occasionally England) Thread: It's coming home attempt 5782570


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1 hour ago, Butts said:

Let's be honest unless he has a massive upturn in form he isn't getting anywhere near the squad so would be no surprise at all to see him switch.

That's our big problem, we're ending up with so much attacking depth that we're starting to lose a lot our dual nationals.

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2 hours ago, skybluedave said:

He's still only 20 though. Think it will be a bit rash to switch npw (unless he just really wants to play for Ghana)

Absolutely this. Whoever said earlier he was “nowhere near the squad” so Ghana could have him ffs. I mean are we seriously giving up on a 20 year old who played 30-odd games for Chelsea this year? Doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since he made his England debut and absolutely bossed the game in that qualifier.

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