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Lots of possession but low xG

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Hello everyone, since I'm in 2041 and the club rep is pretty high, most of the time I come up against low blocks and teams that simply don't want to come out and play. So I'm trying to employ a more patient approach on the ball, but performances so far aren't convincing. 




As you can see I'm 1st place but honestly it's a mixture of luck + incompetence of the other teams. Record so far is 11 wins and 6 draws. Me getting grouped in the CL is an attestment to that :(

Average possession in the league so far is 57% but I'm struggling to create good chances. Most of the time I'm bailed out by set piece goals(from 35 scored, 16 of those came from set pieces lol). 

Some examples:





This one against a League Two club, goal from a corner:



I know the midfield might seem a little shaky with a RPM and a CM(A)(who btw is invisible so far) but since the defenders are really good I decided to be a little more daring. I also use a split block with the front 3 and the CM(A) and some PI's: hold position on the AMR, move into channels for both CM's and stay wider on the AML.

Any kind of insight is welcome, thank you in advance.

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5 hours ago, arthurbf10 said:

Hello everyone, since I'm in 2041 and the club rep is pretty high, most of the time I come up against low blocks and teams that simply don't want to come out and play.

Considering you're probably one of the best teams in the league, I think your tactic might be a bit too conservative. Your roles and duties seem to be fairly well balanced, however, in order to break down stacked defences regularly, you may need a bit clearer attacking plan.

Currently, your main penetration comes from IF (who is then also stifled with Overlap Left) and CMat, who could struggle down the middle against formations with defensive midfielders or three-man defences, which I assume you face regularly. Your choice of Shorter Passing also lowers your tempo down to Standard, which can make you pretty toothless up front; teams park the bus and watch you pass it around with no real intent.

I'd try switching a few things around:


Wsu*                              IFat



WBsu* CDde BPDde WBsu


  • Positive
  • Play Out Of Defence
  • Slightly Lower Tempo
  • Focus Play Down The Left
  • Counter-Press
  • Higher Defensive Line
  • *Cross Aim Far Post

Now there's a clear overload down the left, which should free up some space for the IF/BBM. Slightly Lower Tempo should give your team more time to get up in support and Shorter Passing is removed; in order to move stacked defences around, occasional direct switches of play could be useful. DLF is switched from Support to Attack to increase his risk-taking and encourage him to occasionally push the line or get on the end of RPM's/IF's through balls. The rest is pretty similar to your current tactic.

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Have in mind 433 isn't really attacking formation I would try to have plan b here. I would definitely change DLFs to DLFa or something even more goal scoring. Short passing game is very tricky with 433 you should try to play with more risk. Since you are using IWB you could easily play wider. Pass into space, counter, more expressive or underlaps are all good options I believe. This is my personal preference but I don't like positive mentality. Now I use balanced instead and I really like how it plays and attacking if things don't go well. Also I use dribble less TI if playing short passing game.

But I admit I'm also having issues with chance creation and scoring goals (not with results though) and I was trying to figure out how AI manages to get so many chances and most importantly I think they use more tempo and width than us. Low tempo play on positive mentality is not enough with short passing that's for sure. More risk is needed.

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