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What’s your favorite “smaller” new feature / feature you use the most that was new with FM 21?

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For me personally I think it has to be the “ask agent for availability” option. This game really adds a lot of realism to the game because nowadays I think clubs always talk to agents first. And the fact you can interact to see if a player has interest, why they would have interest, what kind of numbers they are thinking of really helps to find new players and quickly decide if they are realistic options and what kind of playing time they would expect. I also had an agent tell me for example: “he just signed a new contract so he currently doesn’t have any interest but be sure to come back if things don’t turn out the way it should.” I think that’s really awesome and adds lots of realism to the game. Maybe in the future you could actually interact even more and convince an agent to do consider your club when an agent states his player doesn’t have any interest to join. 

What is your “smaller” feature that was introduced with FM 21 that you enjoy the most? 

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