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Can you explain your competition setup?

So which divisions and which cups?

And which teams qualify for which cups?

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42 minutes ago, Wolf_pd said:

Ali lahko razložite postavitev tekmovanja?

Torej, kateri oddelki in katere pokale?

In katere ekipe se uvrščajo v katere pokale?

so these regional cups would take place when you national cups 1 round, 2 round quarterfinals ...

then I will give an example

Dalamtia Cup

only those clubs that are under Damacia would play
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That sounds like you need to add a lot of cups and nothing else.

That means you create nation rules and choose your nation and choose for add cup or lower level division.

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3 minutes ago, Wolf_pd said:

Sliši se, kot da morate dodati veliko skodelic in nič drugega.

To pomeni, da ustvarite nacionalna pravila in izberete svojega naroda ter se odločite za dodajanje pokala ali nižjo stopnjo.

but I can add my own clubs to cup competitions without those 1 league, 2 league, 3 league ...
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If you have created your own club, yes, you can add that to a cup competition without it being in a competition.

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24 minutes ago, Wolf_pd said:

Če ste ustvarili svoj klub, lahko, lahko to dodate pokalnemu tekmovanju, ne da bi bilo na tekmovanju.

I would like to create a Dalmatia Cup


I would add all these clubs to the Dalmatia Cup by hand, but I would also like them to play national competitions

no Dalmatia Cup would also be a national competition but only for Dalmatian clubs
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Why don't you try and start small and see how it works and it works like you want it?

Noone can start with a project the size of a full nation without practice.

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