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Saved Game Not Available to Load

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Hello, I am using Windows 10 version 20H2. My last saved game on EHM was March 7th. I started the game up on March 17th, and when I tried to play, the option to load my saved game was greyed out. I scanned my C: drive for errors, and it is fine. I have almost 600GB available as well. I looked up my saved file in File Explorer, and it's still there, under Documents, Sports Interactive, Games, then my save file. My save file is entitled AZ Coyotes 1.sav. The directory folder in EHM under Preferences matches too. It has never crashed on me while saving. I also changed the folders and subfolders to Read Only because someone said that (temporarily) helped. However, I notice green checks on desktop shortcuts of games and folders in File Explorer under Status that I don't recall being there. Not sure if that's relevant. Also, in my preferences, Autosave was on Rolling and Once a Month, but I have no previous versions to restore. I use the TBL '19-'20 rosters. Thank you for your help.


Update 5/14/21: For the past few weeks, I've been helping the Sabres with their woes. Everything is fine with this save file. In fact, it gives me like 4 options to load, 3 of them being previous versions I guess. Still no poor AZ Coyotes to load, though. Yes, the AZ Coyotes 1.sav file is still in File Explorer.

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Did you upload the save to SI using the OwnCloud link? If so can you also send me the save? You can PM me here and I can give you a place to upload it so I can see it as well.

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Hey thanks for your quick reply. I followed Neil Brock's guidelines and uploaded it to SI, yes. I tried to attach the save to a PM to you, but it exceeded the 9.77MB limit, so if you have another way, that would be nice. I am not sure if it makes a difference, but the three Sabres files aren't in the same location as the AZ Coyotes 1 save file. In fact, in my whole EHM folder, there is nothing about the Sabres. Only the Coyotes save file, a file under add-ons, and a Coyotes-related file under tactics.

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