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Looking for help with custom nation leagues


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Hello. I am looking for someone who can give me advice on this:

I want to create countries, for example is a German football system with Austria, teams from Malmedy, Alsace-Lorraine, the Sudetenland (or possible all of Czechia), Konigsberg (Kaliningrad in English), Pomerania and Silesia, is it possible or is there a German Empire football system on Steam or anywhere?

Is it possible or not for this to happen?

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This is definitely possible; you'd have to move all of the clubs to within Germany in the editor, then build the league structure as you please. For example, FC Baltika Kaliningrad plays in the Russian pyramid, and their nation is set as such. By editing their nation to Germany, they can be included in your German pyramid. You can also edit their "Based Nation" to Russia to reflect that they still play in Kaliningrad despite being in the German pyramid, or you can move the city of Kaliningrad to Germany altogether as well.

All of this can be accomplished in the base editor, you don't need the advanced editor to do this at all per se. Hope this helps!

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