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Quality of life improvements


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hey all,


Long time FM fan.

So a few things that I've always wanted was some little quality of life improvements that I had hoped would eventually get added.

Firstly, on the tactic screen. I think it would be great if you guys added little visual indicators that show what the player is doing. What I mean is, if you have players set to "get forward" show an arrow on the tactic map from their icon. Its not much but it would be great to visualize our tactic better.

Second, give us the ability to just be able to right click on players during the map and change instructions from there. Again, its not much but it would be a nice little touch if I can just hover my mouse over an on field player  and click a position to change his PI or click on an opposing player to assign marking duties.

Third, change up the attribute screen or give us something simpler to look at. The past few years there have been talks of players playing attributeless. It's a cool idea and it would be great if we had a more simplied, less detail attribute screen to cater to players who want that extra challenge.


4th, can we just get a map or something? E.g when our players are traveling it would be great to see how long a trip is or seeing a small indicator as to how far they are traveling for a match.


These suggestions aren't much but I think they would be great little qol improvements players can benefit from

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