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It will mostly change through mentoring. It can very slowly change if you have a lot of high determination players in your squad through the squad personality. Also, in some VERY rare cases it can change through an "off field situation", which is a catch all for events that can happen in the players life that can change how they are. Those are VERY rare though.

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It cannot be trained.  Mentoring and disciplinary action will be the ways to increase it.  Mainly discipline as SI made it even easier this year by lowering the threshold to take an action against a player down to a 6.5 match rating.  

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21 hours ago, phd_angel said:

Mentoring, with influential players with high determination.

Mentoring with highly influential players who have lower determination attributes will always pull determination attributes down. Watch out for this.

Having highly influential players with low determination can have a bad effect though-out your squad, I have seen highly determined youngsters gradually loose determination over years. The one thing you can do is always choose a captain with high determination and never ask players with low determination to welcome new players. It can be painful to watch when your squad is affecting new signings negatively, but it is something that you over years can gradually change through squad building.  


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