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FM-21 Ultimate World Club Challenge (Requires Around the Globe MegaPack by DaveTheEditor)

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Okay, here we go.




The game made me fluent in Spanish even though I didn't list it as a language.  I think that comes with the USA nationality. ¿Por qué?

I'm going to make this one a bit harder than normal.  As you can see, I'm using the DD2021RM skin, which completely moves all stars and ratings.  As I noted above, I'm also using daveincid's complete Increased Realism pack, as well as all the additional International Competitions from DodgeeD (including the retired and fictional ones). I'm hoping to keep this as realistic as possible.

After doing a few minutes of exhaustive research, I decided on Abemama, mostly because they finished last in lionel messi's first go above. 

Here's a good look at Abemama Island:



According to Wikipedia, the population of the island is a little bit over 3,000.

We play at Bairiki National Stadium, a sand-only stadium which is about 150 nautical kilometers away:


Forget "non league to legend."  This goes way beyond non league.

I'm not quite sure where to look for housing, which is just as well, since I have no salary anyway.  Guess I'll be sleeping under the stars on the beach.

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I had a bit of time over the past few days, and was able to play through an entire season with Abemama in Kiribati.

We wound up dominating our division:


Our draw came in our last game of the season.  The boys just didn’t seem up for it for whatever reason.

We then turned around and dominated the tournament:




Luke Jackson wound up being our leading scorer with 7 goals, tied for the league lead:


I should also note that Zak Evans, who scored a hat trick in the final, didn’t score any other goals during the entire tournament.  I believe he did score in a friendly or two, however.

I’m not sure where I’m off to next.  I’ll let you know either tomorrow or the day after.

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After a few in-game months of trying, I was able to get a job with the Gendarmerie Nationale Football Club in Djibouti.


The first trick is to figure out how to get out of Kiribati.

Kiribati’s international airport is the Bonriki International Airport, located in South Tarawa.  As before, we’re looking at a boat ride of about 85 nautical miles to get to the airport:


A bit of searching taught me that the easiest way to leave Kiribati was to fly to Fiji first, a flight of around 3 hours.

The plan afterwards is to fly to San Francisco, which would take about 10 ½ hours.

From San Francisco, we can then hop onto a flight to Djibouti via Paris, a trip of 18 hours or so.

Thus, it will only take me about 31 ½ hours of travel time (plus layovers, etc.) to depart Abemama for Djibouti City and the El Hadj Hassan Gouled Aptidon Stadium.

The 15,955 mile trip is a bit too big for one screenshot, so here are two:



I think that it might have been faster to go through Southeast Asia, though I was unable to find any flight routes online that resemble this route:


The new job offers an interesting set of challenges.  We’re in a relegation battle, for starters:


Hopefully we will have a good showing in our remaining 5 games and will avoid the drop.  I did load the CNF Division 2, though, so a drop wouldn’t necessarily mean being fired right away.  And it appears that the board are understanding:


More to come.

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Finally got through my first season. No title win so far, but that was to be expected with a team that was only supposed to fight bravely against relegation. We certainly did more than that by reaching 10th place with what is barely more than a youth team. I was thinking about leaving P.C.A.A. for a slightly more promising club, but then decided that I'm still young enough to try and mold my youngsters into a Championship winning team

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23 minutes ago, Wormys_Queue said:

Finally got through my first season. No title win so far, but that was to be expected with a team that was only supposed to fight bravely against relegation. We certainly did more than that by reaching 10th place with what is barely more than a youth team. I was thinking about leaving P.C.A.A. for a slightly more promising club, but then decided that I'm still young enough to try and mold my youngsters into a Championship winning team

Sounds like a great plan!  My hope is to follow a similar route in every country I wind up managing in.  The challenge makes it more interesting!

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2 hours ago, Daniel Evensen said:

Sounds like a great plan!  My hope is to follow a similar route in every country I wind up managing in.  The challenge makes it more interesting!

Didn't even think so far. But now that you've said it, that idea appeals to me a lot.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Apologies for the lack of updates!  Real life got in the way and prevented me from playing as much as I’d like.

We had a lot of transfers in the off-season, following the tried-and-true amateur strategy of bringing in as many players as will agree, keeping the good ones, and releasing the rest.

At the start of the season, we were predicted to finish 4th.


We wound up storming out of the gate with a long unbeaten streak.  We dominated the league, and wound up finishing somewhat comfortably in first place:


Two of our draws and our two losses came as we were trying to finish off the league.  I made a mistake and didn’t rotate as much as I should have, and the games were coming fast and frequently at the end.  We came closer to blowing it than the league table shows, and were in danger of having to wait until the final game of the season with AS Port to decide the championship.  Fortunately, we were able to finish the deal in the next-to-last game of the season.


We dominated the league leaders.


Luke Jackson, by the way, was a transfer from Abemama, and dominated for the first part of the season.  Unfortunately, he went cold when we started playing more difficult games against teams in good form near the end of the year.  As crazy as it sounds, I’m not certain that he’ll have a position on the first team next season.

I’m going to stay with Gendarmerie for one more season, mostly in hopes of winning the Djibouti Cup.  I won’t be able to win the CNF Division 2, since I’m not going to take a lower league job just to try to win that competition.  Instead, I’ll see if I can win the league again.

As a side note, you might note that I changed skins halfway through.  I’ve given up on the hidden-star and hidden-attribute skin in favor of the FLUT skin dark, which is without a doubt the best FM skin I’ve ever seen.

I’ll try to post more frequently in the future.

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Post 5

Gendarmerie Nationale (Djibouti) - 2022-23 Season

After our success in the Djibouti Premier League, I received news that we had been invited to participate in the Kagame Interclub Cup. 


What is the Kagame Interclub Cup, and why did I have to call my players back from their vacation for it?  Well, as Wikipedia will tell you, it is an international cup held in the summer between various clubs from Central and Eastern Africa.  I believe this is referred to as the "CECAFA Club Cup" in @davie77's Around The Globe extra files.

Fortunately, @lionel messi didn't put the Kagame Interclub Cup on his list of continental club championships.  That explains our performance:


We followed that up with the CAF Champions League Preliminary Round games in August against Lioli, a club in the small town of Teyateyaneng in Lesotho.  Teyateyaneng is apparently well known for its football prowess - not bad for a town of only 75,000 in an area known primarily for its vast quantities of sand.  It might be an interesting place to manage in the future.

The problem with this qualifier series, of course, is that it takes place in August.  Our transfer season didn't open up until September 21st.  That meant that we could make no changes to our side.  We were stuck with whoever we happened to had, regardless of how good or bad their performance was - and regardless of any pending transfers.  That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

We hosted the opener, which was a fairly drab affair:


That left us with a very long trip for the return leg.  How long, you ask?


We piled the team in our van and headed off on our 96 hour, 6,500 kilometer journey.  We played well, surprisingly, scoring twice in the first half - once off a set piece and once off an undeserved penalty.

Lioli came back with a late second half goal.  But then disaster struck.  First there was this.

And then, right at the tail end, there was this.

And so it was.  After two bonehead mistakes by our 5 star keeper, we found ourselves out of the Champions League.


To celebrate, I went on a transfer spree, bringing in every amateur player I could find in Djibouti and getting rid of anyone with a negative personality or inconsistency.  Hopefully we'll have better luck next season.

You know, a change might do us some good after all.  After all, we were termed the "biggest overachievers" of the season last year:


Surely things can only get better!

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Just a real quick update from me.

We've only played 3 games of the current season.  The Djibouti schedule is frustrating: you play a couple of games, and then wind up with the entire month of January off.  You can't play friendlies, either, since the stadium is in use for cup draws, youth matches, and who knows what.  It's quite realistic, which is the problem.  Perhaps one day I'll play in a country where each team has its own stadium.

Anyway, here are the odds for our current season:


I'll have more to say next week, once I'm done pushing "continue" a million times.

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Dave's pack is really awesome and I decided to start this save to test the smaller leagues. I loaded the entire world as view-only and the bottom 20 leagues as playable: 

  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Mauritania
  • Mauritius
  • American Samoa
  • Comoroes
  • Seychelles
  • Tuvalu
  • Djibouti
  • Eritrea
  • Mayotte
  • Somalia
  • Swaziland
  • Zanzibar
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Saint Barthelemy
  • Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  • Kiribati

I will be starting in Kiribati, with Kuria. After I complete Kiribati, I'll move to any of the other 19 leagues, turn Kiribati back to view-only and activate the next one up the ladder: Madagascar or Tonga. I'll only post the final standings, because I play in Portuguese and nobody would understand the news.

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Kiribati - 2020



Lost in the final.


Kiribati - 2021



Champions! We don't get a spot in the OFC Champions League by winning the league so I'll get out of here.

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Eritrea - 2021/22


Champions once again. This one was easy because Geza Banda was one of the top 3 clubs already. I played half of the league only so I'll stay for another season.


Eritrea - 2022/23


Twice in a row. For some reason the champion doesn't get in the CAF Champions League so no reason to stay here too.


22 points now: 2 in Kiribati and 2x10 in Eritrea.

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On 21/08/2021 at 03:30, hrmantovani said:

I will be starting in Kiribati, with Kuria. After I complete Kiribati, I'll move to any of the other 19 leagues, turn Kiribati back to view-only and activate the next one up the ladder: Madagascar or Tonga. I'll only post the final standings, because I play in Portuguese and nobody would understand the news.

This is the same approach that I use, though I've only got 10 active leagues loaded at once (I don't think it makes much of a difference either way). 


Eritrea - 2022/23

For some reason the champion doesn't get in the CAF Champions League so no reason to stay here too.

Interesting!  I don't know how this works in CAF in real life, let alone in FM.  I did a bit of fiddling around.

In my save, Eritrea actually has more points than Djibouti:


However, that apparently doesn't equal a CAF Champions League qualifying spot:


Eritrea is right behind Djibouti in Nation Coefficients, for whatever reason:


Interesting stuff.  Not sure that I understand how it works.

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1 hour ago, Daniel Evensen said:

This is the same approach that I use, though I've only got 10 active leagues loaded at once (I don't think it makes much of a difference either way). 

Interesting!  I don't know how this works in CAF in real life, let alone in FM.  I did a bit of fiddling around. 

I think it might be something related to the editor files, but I'm not sure. In Kiribati for example, I played the OFC CL qualifying round when I lost in the national championship final (3 draws 2 losses, other teams are miles away) but when I won the league I didn't play a single OFC CL match. I guess only the runner-up gets to play in the OFC CL 

Also if I might ask: where did you take the second picture? I never saw that screen in-game 

Edited by hrmantovani
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First season down in Kiribati, and we qualified for the knockouts coming second in our group.




However we suffered semi-final defeat to Kuria, ending our hopes for this season. They scored a cracking free kick early on, and we never really recovered.




We did manage to get the tiny consolation prize of third place. I'm hoping for a better second season, as I have a lot of new signings coming in March time.

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Completed the second season in Kiribati. We qualified for the knockouts by coming second in our group. We made a right mess of our last two games, which left us waiting for other results to confirm our qualification, and thankfully we scraped through.


We went on to win the championship in the knockouts! It was nervy stuff, particularly our semi-final rematch with Kuria (who had knocked us out last year.) We drew 1-1 with them and the penalty shootout required our keeper to save three in a row to get us through. Then we won the final 2-1 against Nonouti. So the first two points of the challenge on the board.


Our performance got us into Champions League qualifying, which I went into with virtually no expectations. To my great surprise we qualified for the group stage by coming second.


In the Group Stage, we had more astonishing success and qualifed out of our group by finishing second!


Sadly the Quarter Final was a step too far, as Auckland City beat us 1-0. The game featured the longest odds I've ever seen on FM, with us being given 300-1 odds.


To wrap up, I spent the post-season looking for a new job, and eventually wound up getting one:


Off to Zanzibar with Polisi next!

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Greetings to all the new entrants, and apologies for the two-week delay on my part.  Real life got in the way.

Week 7

Gendarmerie - Djibouti

I'll cut right to the chase.  We wound up winning both the league and the cup.

The League


The league was actually fairly easy this time around.  We got out to a huge lead early on and never really looked back.


Our only real competition came from Garde Républicaine FC, who defeated us once and drew with us as well. 


We also managed to not show up at all for the final game of the season, for some strange reason.  Hôpital Balbala, with nothing to play for, beat us soundly, 2-0.

Those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of playing in the Djibouti Premier League don't know about the amazing schedule.  Because most teams play in Djibouti City, which apparently has only one stadium, the schedule gets a bit strange after a while.


My advice is to rotate heavily to keep your players fit.

The Cup

We had real drama in the Djiboutian Cup.  The Quarterfinal matchup against A.I.D.C. was one of those hot-stopping matches.

We didn't open up the scoring until late, with this well-manufactured goal.

After A.I.D.C. came right back with a goal, we went up 2-1 in injury time with this one.

Not to be outdone, A.I.D.C. scored within two minutes, with one of the prettiest FM2021 goals I've yet seen.

We managed to pull it out in extra time, scoring this beauty.

I thought the two remaining Cup games would be just as tight, but they weren't.  We wound up winning both handily, capping off our second trophy of the season and our first Cup victory.




Now What?

I started applying for jobs right away, and made the big mistake of declaring my intention publicly for a particular job.

That got me fired:



I do consider it to be somewhat unfair, especially since I was inducted into the Djiboutian Hall of Fame only a few months before this:


After a brief period of unemployment, I was finally picked up by Hintsa FC in Eriteria:


I'll create a more appropriate introduction for the new team next week.


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On 30/08/2021 at 09:03, lionel messi said:

Can you all put how many trophies/points you are getting when you win something as it will help me update the leaderboard quicker.

Sure, from now on I'll put a quick summary of points I've earned at the bottom of my posts.

Zanzibar Season 1:

So the start to my time in Zanzibar with Polisi was a total mess, as I was the only staff member at the club. Very little happened in that first transfer window as I sorted staffing out. As far as the season went, we disappointed in the cup and had a good league season finishing second, behind Chuoni who went unbeaten.


Zanzibar Season 2:

Season 2 started with an expected exit in qualification for the African Confedration Cup. The league season went great, as we dethroned Chuoni and won the league undefeated. That's 10 points earned.


Unfortunately we did lose the cup semi-final 3-2, in a sloppy display against Mafunzo. We competed in continental competition in the Summer, going out in the quarters of the Kagame Interclub Cup, losing in qualification for the Champions League, but managing to qualify for the group stage of the Confederation Cup.

I'm just starting the third season in Zanzibar, but I'm actively looking for a new job so hopefully I'll have had progress on that front by the next update.


Points earned this post: 10 (Zanzibar Premier League)

Total points: 12

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Pennarossa (San Marino) 2028/2029

My first job in Europe! While it's nice to be a bit closer to home, I certainly missed the much shorter seasons I had experienced in Africa and Asia! The 15 team league also included a round of play-offs to determine the champion. A bit more of a slog than I have been used to!

The season got off to a great start. We managed to stay unbeaten in the first 8 games, winning 7. However, the next month or so was a disaster. We only managed to gain maximum points in a quarter of the next 12 matches. This included a humiliating 4-1 loss to title rivals Juvenes Dogana in front of the TV cameras, and then nearly being knocked out of the cup. Thankfully, the San Marino Cup has two legs, with us managing to turn it round in the away game. This turnaround in fortunes kick started the second half of our season. We managed to remain unbeaten for the rest of the year, and other than a run of 3 draws in a row, were pretty dominant. This allowed us to finish top of the league, and therefore qualifying for the Championship Playoffs. Before the Playoffs, we had the small matter of the San Marino Cup Final. This was against the second placed Juvenes Dogana. Despite going 1-0 down early on, a bumper crowd of 1,469 saw us turn it round and eventually win 4-1. 24 Points.

Our performance in the final inspired us to breeze past our opposition in the quarter and semi finals. We inevitably came across our rivals Juvenes once again in the final. It was a very nervy match, with the deadlock being broken by us just before half time. It looked like we were going to hold on after a very close second half. But the ref had other ideas, giving a soft penalty in the 82nd minute. Their experienced centre back stepped up, but our 19 year old Sammarinese keeper managed to deny him. We managed to finish the game strongly and secured our double. 26 points. 


2028-2029 Cup win.png

2028-2029 League Win.png

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On 31/08/2021 at 19:11, MerlinsBeard said:

So the start to my time in Zanzibar with Polisi was a total mess, as I was the only staff member at the club. Very little happened in that first transfer window as I sorted staffing out.

Did you have one of those squads with no stars whatsoever as a result?  If so, you deserve bonus points! :lol:

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2 hours ago, Daniel Evensen said:

Did you have one of those squads with no stars whatsoever as a result?  If so, you deserve bonus points! :lol:

At the very beginning I couldn't see any player star ratings, but as soon as I brought in staff that wasn't a problem.

But.... spoiler alert! I've got a new job in Swaziland, and again - no staff :(. This time is worse though, as I'm three months in and nobody will join. I've had adverts running the whole time, tried poaching staff from other clubs in the league, but nobody will even talk to us.

That means no star ratings, I don't use the player search screen so scouting is difficult (thank goodness I have attribute masking off, so I can at least keep an eye on players doing well in the league), and with no physios I get no options when someone gets injured, they'll just be out for however long it'll be. So it's a challenge :lol:

I joined halfway through the season with us midtable, so I'm hoping we'll get a reputation boost come end of the season, and maybe staff will give us a look. Otherwise Swaziland is going to keep being interesting lol.

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Finished my first season at Petite Riviere Noire. Sadly wasn't able to win the Mauritian Premier Division finishing in second behind ASPL 2000 by 6 points, also had a terrible performance in the Republic Cup getting knocked out in the Quarter-Finals (our first match), but on the bright side I was able to win the FA Cup by beating Cercle de Joachim 1-0 in the final with the goal from Jean-Reck Ah Fok in the 65th minute! The top goal scorer for the team in all competitions was Ah Fok with 20 goals and he also led the team in assists. I will stay with the team for another season and hopefully win the league next season!


Mauratania fa cup.jpg

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Hang Yuan(Chinese Taipei) 2029

I joined Hang Yuan partway through their season with only 9 games remaining. Hang Yuan had gotten off to a poor start and were in 6th when I joined, just above relegation. I narrowly lost our first two games, drawing the third. After the third match was a long break which also signalled the start of the transfer window. While the team had a few decent options in attack, the was a distinct lack of quality in goal and in defence. I managed to bring in some decent replacements, and our squad was looking in much better shape. I also adjusted the formation and tactics to be more suited to our personnel. It looked like we had finally started to turn the corner. A draw against top of the league Taipower, in which we dominated, was followed by a comfortable 5-1 win. We had dropped into the relegation zone, but on our form we looked like we would be able to survive. Unfortunately, at this time I also applied for the Cameroon National team job. Alongside my club career, I had also been forging a name for myself in the international game. I had earlier won the U23 African Cup of Nations with Nigeria, before having a successful spell with Guinea-Bissau. I was also currently the manager of Georgia when I signed for Hang Yuan, and was wrapping up a valiant attempt at World Cup qualification when the opportunity to manage Cameroon popped up. However, despite fulfilling both international and club positions successfully for pretty much my whole career, the board were unwilling to allow me the chance to manage Cameroon. I tried to point out I was already managing Georgia without issue, but they ignored my protests and sacked me. I had only spent 91 days at Hang Yuan, managing just 5 games. My time in Chinese Taipei was over, at least for now. Hopefully one day I will come and deal with this unfinished business.

This is the league table when I was sacked with 4 games to go:

2029 League Table.png

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On 04/09/2021 at 17:29, Daniel Evensen said:

Best of luck next season, @Luso!

Good to see more people hopping on to this challenge.  Hopefully we can all keep it up for a while!

I will be coming back to this challenge soon if i can tear myself away from my current save lol

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Update time! At the end of my last update I was actively looking for a new job, and I found one to bring my time with Polisi in Zanzibar to an end:


Swaziland Season 1:

My new role was with Red Lions in Swaziland, and I joined midway through the first season as the only staff member, and would remain the only staff member until the end of the first season when some staff were finally willing to join us. Because of the staffing issues, I had to spend an entire year managing the U21s before I could find a U21 manager, which was..... not great lol :lol:. Our Swazi Cup performance was woeful, as we lost to a lower league side on pens in the first round. Anyway, the end to the season was pretty good and we finished a solid 6th.


Swaziland Season 2:

We began the second season by exiting the Charity Cup, and would also exit the Ingwenyama Cup in the quarters midway through the season. Otherwise, the second season was terrific, as we would go on to win the league losing only a single game (an embarrassing home defeat to Eleven Men), and win the Swazi Cup beating Royal Leopards 4-0 in the final. The league earns me 10 points, and the Swazi Cup 5 points.



Swaziland Season 3:

I didn't do much of the third season as I knew I wanted a new club, but I did have time to play and win the Swazi Telecom Charity Cup, by beating Mbabane Highlanders 3-0 in the final. That's worth 4 points.


Shortly after the Charity Cup win I resigned, as I had successfully pressured a club in Saint Pierre and Miquelon to sack there manager by declaring interest......


Next stop, AS Miquelonnaise in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. My first job will be to trim down the first team squad, which currently stands at sixty (60!) players. Bring it on!


Points earned this post: 19 (Swazi Premier Division (10), Swazi Cup (5), Swazi Telecom Charity Cup (4))

Total points: 31

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Saint Pierre and Miquelon Season 1:

So I began my time by trimming the first team squad considerably, and managed to bring in four foreign players from my shortlist to add a bit of star quality to the squad. We managed to win the league by 20 points, but I'd say the margin is deceptive as most games were highly competitive, we just managed to edge most games. It wouldn't have taken much for the league to be a lot closer. Winning the league earns me 5 points.


After that quick league season, I saw no reason to hang around with AS Miquelonnaise, and I quickly found a new job:


Next stop, FCO Tsingoni in the Mayotte top flight.


Points earned this post: 5 (Ligue de Football de Saint Pierre et Miquelon)

Total points: 36

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On 16/09/2021 at 02:02, lionel messi said:

I found myself a new job in tonga.

Nice! It's cool to see leagues from all over the world, so far my save has been very Africa based.

Mayotte Season 1:

The season went very well, as we won the league losing only one game. The defeat was home to Pamandzi SC, who went on to get relegated..... seems to be a habit my sides are developing, if we only lose one game in a season it's inevitably to a bad side lol. 10 points earned for the league.


The cup competitions also went fantastically, as we won both the Coupe de France - Departement de la Mayotte, and the Coupe de Mayotte. We came from behind to defeat USC Kangani in the Coupe de France - Departement de la Mayotte final, and comfortably saw off FC M'tsapere 3-0 in the Coupe de Mayotte final.



Now winning the Coupe de Mayotte earns me 8 points. However, the Coupe de France - Departement de la Mayotte isn't listed on the spreadsheet, so for now I'm going with the assumption that I don't earn points for that. If I should earn points for it, feel free to let me know, but I'm not too bothered about it :).

Having won the treble, I saw no reason to hang around in Mayotte. It didn't take me long to get a number of interviews, all from Somali sides:


Madbacadda in Somalia it is!


Points earned this post: 18 (Mahoraise Regional 1 (10), Coupe de Mayotte (8))

Total points: 54

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