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Training schedule for B teams & U-19's

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Generally speaking, my youth and reserves have three rules to training:

1) Mental stats! While they grow with age and experience on their own, in my opinion they are key to a smooth transition between teams. High mentals make it a lot easier to play them a few minutes in the first team and for some reason they really make them explode in the youth leagues. Shadow Plays and Transition-Press are a staple of my regular schedule.

2) Individual training. I often go double match training or at least two days trainings that include role training. Attack/Defense have a few, as is a lot of match preparation but I usually only use that for my A-Team and for youth/reserve when it really, really counts. It takes a bit of extra-work to micromanage roles to train when not going for specialists but it makes it comparatively easy to focus broader development.

3) At least one physical training session/week. Like the mentals, physical stats often begin somewhat lacking. The sooner they are on level, the sooner youth players can be integrated into the main team without taking undue risks.

General rules for my training also include:

4) When having a week off, I toggle between two extremes: I either go all-in with training, including lots of physical matches and maybe the Match-practice cheat (Scheduling a match in the schedule, it will revert to "Match Practice" if there is no actual match, even when there already are two regular units of it scheduled). Or I schedule three to four friendly matches and light mental training. If I have a good youth team, they'll often play my secondary squad and wonderkids. This way sharpness stays up on the bench and the youth players play against some better players. After a few years it unfortunately may happen that prospects are way too good for the youth leagues but are too young to play at the top league (curse the licenses!), resulting in deceptive stats for players coming up.

Another, easier way of youth training is, especially in leagues with almost no minimum age, to schedule mostly general training and match practice to give youth players a solid base. Individually train mentals or physicals when they are too low to be useful and as soon as they are solid across the board, promote the players to the first team where they'll train more specialised skillsets and get first minutes of match practice (and mentoring!)

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For youth teams: 

The best approach is to have them play the same tactic as the senior team that way you can always bring the better ones in.
Assign them roles for training that way the training is more focused. This is especially the case for the best youth players
Avoid over playing them in the senior team, this causes them to need rest breaks which take them away from training
The default training schedule is fine unless you want something more specific, like developing fullbacks who can play killer balls, which requires a specialised approach.
If you set them up with individual roles then ensure match practice happens at least twice a week. This isn't an intensive session and it helps them focus on working on their roles within the system.
The overall training workload for players in the youth team should be no less than medium and ideally heavy.

During preseason do some kind of bootcamp training where they spend more time on physical exercises to work on building  up natural fitness. Once the first week is over then move them to a preseason of intensive general training that gets them familiar with the tactic they are using. If you intend to get players to learn different positions then ensure that there are 2 sessions of match practice. 

For my youth teams i normally have two physical sessions, 2 match practice. One physical session is usually quickness or endurance, the other is physical. Then after the 2 match practice sessions I add the rest. I have done guides on this and I have been using only one training schedule for the youth team for an entire season after preseason is over.

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