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Leveraging existing knowledge when starting scouting assignments


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I think it would be interesting to introduce kick off meetings when you send a scout off on a long term assignment where you can advise the scout on where you are sending them and what you are looking for, but also to inform them of existing resources within the club that they could use to help their assignment. 

Perhaps you could ask them to get a report from another scout or member of the coaching team before leaving or to check in with an affiliate team in the region which could speed up their knowledge growth at the start of the assignment. 

Conversely, it might also be useful to tell them that we already have knowledge of the region so other areas need prioritising. For example I send a scout to Scandinavia because I want someone there full time but I have some pre-existing knowledge of all nations except Sweden so I want the scout to start there. 

Maybe this is already happening behind the scenes in the engine but it would be interesting to have control of this as it feels like something that would be happening in clubs.

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