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New role for wide centre backs (DCL/DCR) in a back 3

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I think a new role for the wide centre backs (DCL and DCR) in a back 3 or 5 should be introduced to reflect the changes of the modern football.

This role could be called Side Back. A Side Back would have a higher position on the pitch than a regular Centre Back or Ball Playing Pefender, playing closer to the midfield, and would have a tendency to bring ball out of defence in the half spaces. In possession it could act as something between a Libero and a Ball Playing Defender.

There are multiple real life examples where teams tend to utilize their wide centre backs this way: Tuchel's Chelsea, Gasperini's Atalanta or Nagelsmann's RB Leipzig just to name a few. 

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Great idea, i am expecting to see it implemented in FM22 TBH as many English teams have adopted the use of 3 at the back formation.

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