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How do you deal with player contracts?

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Hi everyone. 


So many of us have tried it. Players (including during transfers) demanding higher and higher wages to the point where it seems unreasonable. 


How do you handle it? Any tips? 


Do you guys increase their wages but lower their bonuses? Increase bonuses but lower base salary? 

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Don't give in to everyone. That's what I do. In FM20 I had a self-imposed wage cap and I stuck to it. Right now, in the same league, I'm doing something similar but I'm even stricter.

Right now, I finish 4th/5th (last season being 4th and CL football with it) with a spend way below the top teams.



Here's my squad and what I pay them.


Joel is my ex no.1 keeper that I am trying to move on.

Rinaldi, on loan, is also being forced out and there's a mandatory fee at the end of his loan. Novak and Rapatao are his rivals and on much lower wages.

Ehret, a very good forward from Liechtenstein of all places, was on a measly 20k / week before I offered him a new contract when he had about 2 years left. I talked him round once, a season ago, but didn't want there to be too little time remaining in his contract, giving him more power.

I've had Bagnack. Coudert, Novak, Isael and Dinilin all approach me because they're now better than what they were (and they are) but I successfully talked them out of it. As you can see, I keep my players on long-term contracts with plenty of time before they expire. This leaves me with the power. Kling is an example of that. "Star Player" and Barcelona wanted him but I don't have to sell at all. I don't need the money, he's very good and I'll struggle to replace him and he has plenty of time left on the contract.

You give 1 "important player" (or any other status) a wage increase to x / week and all the other players on the same level would want the same. Be aware of that and whether it's something you can afford.

Edit: You can see I did give in to some, over the years. Rinaldi being one. He came to us on around 35k / week and I held off as long as possible. Poreba is the best player in the team, being the top scorer in the Euro Cup last season (along with us winning it) etc, so he earned the contract, also being wanted by all the big clubs AND only having 2 years left. That 95k is my limit for now, though I'm trying to stay at around 80k / week.

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If you suddenly have everyone asking for higher wages, you likely broke your wage structure. At that point you either don't give in (telling them they have long left on their contracts usually works, although those pesky little buggers can be quite persistent at times) or you pay everyone what they think they deserve.

On 21/06/2018 at 13:53, Neil Brock said:

Yeah it's more a combination of factors, some of which have already been raised above. The amount of money the club has, the quality of living available in the area where the club is, the reputation of the club and the players at the club, the salary of other players at the club etc.

So in theory, say you had a rather poor player (let's say Gary Footballer) on fairly high wages, other players will look at them and think along the lines of "if Gary Footballer is worth that much, I'm worth way more" and potentially will ask for more. 

Always think of the type of contract you're offering a player in regards to your squad rather than that individual player. It's very easy to have wage expectations from players creep up if you start paying players more.

Also something else to bear in mind - generally players already under contract will take more risks in what they expect to be paid, especially those with a decent amount of time left on their deal. They're already relatively financially secure, so they are in a position where they can ask for more.

Players on a free, unless they're in high demand and have lots of interest, generally will accept less.  Although you may have to negotiate a bit, especially if the agent is demanding. In your instance above you may have found that Jennings would have accepted or even asked for a bit less once they were on a free, assuming there wasn't that much interest. However as soon as other clubs start sniffing around again they will use that to their advantage to make sure they get a good deal looking at both finances and potentially a higher squad status. 

It all sounds quite logical and fairly straight-forward to explain, but in terms of creating the code to work in this manner it's much more complex! 

Comment from Neil here.

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I give base salary. First thing I do, I click on yearly salary rise, than choose "remove and exclude from negotiations". Do same with release clauses (if marked non negotiable from start, than I click on "walk away") and go from there. No new contracts under any circumstances - for good players till 2 years left, for average till 1 year left, for disposables but still might be useful until 7 months left.

Also, increasing agent fee will lower base salary. It's cheaper to pay more to agent in one time transaction than to player over the years.

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I'm a youth Development manager. As soon as my staff start suggesting a youth has very high potential AND other clubs start snooping, I whack in the longest contract possible, preferably with a decent base salary and no add-on clauses. It usually suffices until the chairman sells him in the last minute of transfer deadline day over my head!

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