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[FM21] Brazilian League Update

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After many months of tinkering and updating the formats of all competitions (including youth), I have finally managed to create an update for FM21. I have included a Florida Cup competition (with 12 teams instead of the usual 4) that traditionally happens in January around the start of the Brazilian season. The only problem is that used in conjunction with my Brazilian league file it does not record the champion in the history file. Maybe someone who downloads the files can provide me some feedback about this. Enjoy!

Brazil Update.fmf Florida Cup.fmf

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Hey everyone,

After some more tinkering the Florida Cup now plays every year and records accurate histories. I have also updated the coaching carousel in Brazil with fired coaches removed and the newly appointed coaches on the right teams. This update is now finalized. If anyone can get a division five Paulista state team to the first division of the state championship and the first division of the national championship I would like to hear from you. Good luck on your saves!

Brazil Update.fmf Florida Cup.fmf

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