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How do I 'mentor' my young players.

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(Newbie question): I've read about mentoring groups & how the seniors can influence the juniors within the group.  But how do I get my fringe wonderkids & proming young'uns into those groups to learn?

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When you go to the training menu, there is a tab for mentoring, where you can create mentoring groups.

The influence of your player within the squad will determin his impact to the mentoring group. You should also look for good personalities of your mentoring player, so that your younger players can learn from him. 

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44 minutes ago, Britrock said:

Your youth players will need to be in the senior squad to get into mentoring groups with senior players as well

That's 1 way, but you can also add the U18\U23 players to the maint training unit.


Next, have the AM put the mentoring groups together. Personally I still tweak this as not ALL players need mentoring, or moving, so do this sparingly and only when needed - Too big a group can be not as effective.

He'll then add the players into the mentionering groups, and the players stay within their relevant sqauds:

Below is my Current Goalkeeping unit, Siggeirsson is in my U23 squad, The other 2 are the 1st team Keepers.


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