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[Discussion] Safe Set Pieces

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What about an instruction/setting for 'safe set pieces' which overrides any other instructions and tells your team to 'play it safe' or simply to hold your usual tactical formation? 

I've tried to develop safe set pieces to protect leads or against superior sides.  Sometimes they work, but other times, they don't either because I make a mistake or I don't know why.

For example, in my safe attacking corners/FKs/throw-ins, I tell all of my CBs and FBs to 'stay back,' plus maybe a DM/CM to 'stay back if needed,' and/or others to lurk instead of attack, and I will sometimes try for a short corner, just to maintain possession.  But sometimes, I forget that I've made a sub which now makes one of them the set piece taker.  Other times, for for some reason, they go forwards instead of staying back.  Or even when 'staying back,' my defenders start further up the pitch, even with quicker strikers/wingers, instead of following my 'standard/lower defensive line' instruction, and I get killed on a counter.

You could include presets which are safe but I think that one 'check box' or drop-down setting would be better.  In some circumstances, I try to change to my safe set pieces but the ME switches me back to my basic set pieces. 

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I second this.

If I may take it a little further, we need a quick way to switch set pieces during the match - safer or riskier or whatever. 

Now we have to go Tactics -> Set Pieces dropdown -> Free Kicks / Corners - > Load etc. And it doesn't always work, as @glengarry224 mentioned. 

It's great we have a "Team Instruction Pop-up" with auto-pause during the match. How about another tab there ? In Possession / In Transition/ Out of Possession & Set Pieces.  

Maybe we can have split sections in this new tab with Set Pieces / Corners / Throw Ins  , each with the current Collection Loaded . Maybe a button "Play It Safe"  that loads the " Safe Collection" previously defined. 

How about some checkbox rules that could override the set pieces ?

- Like " DM always stays back if needed" - so if a player that finds himself in DM position and he is the corner taker, he will not be the current corner taker ;

- or "At least 3 men are staying back" with a list of candidates by position .



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