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So in FM this year you can hire multiple assistants and so can the AI, but when using the In Game Editor if a team already has an assistant (Stoke - Billy McKinlay) and you try appoint another assistant for them (Billy Reid) it says it will sack the current assistant and replace them with the assistant I am trying to appoint. It doesn't make sense when teams can have multiple assistants this year, So for FM22 this has to change if you are keeping it that the AI and us players can have multiple assistants.



I also think in the Pre Game Editor in the Staff Tendencies it has the option for a manager to "Operate without Assistant" I think another option should be "Operates with multiple Assistants" because every time a new manager is appointed for a team in the nations top leagues (eg. Premier League, Serie A, La Liga), they ALWAYS hire multiple assistants when in reality this is a rare occurrence. So it should be an option in Pre Game Editor for managers who are known for hiring multiple assistants. So if they don't have the Tendency to hire multiple Assistants they will only hire 1 Assistant and Multiple Coaches. Thanks Guys.

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The option for multiple Assistants has to be decided by a club's board. And by the look of the screenshots, Stoke currently only has one hence why it is not possible to have more than one assistant. If you would like to request the option to add more Assistants using the Editor, please post it in our Feature Request forum:



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Thanks for getting back to me Luke I really appreciate it, I would normally agree with you but I just checked and tried it again with Arsenal (who have an assistant Marco Landucci) and were trying to get another assistant (Brian Kidd) so that obviously means to me the board would allow multiple assistants, so when I tried to add another assistant (Attilo Lombardo) I got the same alert pop up.

- First Image showing Arsenal have an assistant already


- Second Screenshot showing Arsenal are trying to get another assistant (Brian Kidd)


- Third Screenshot showing the same message when trying to appoint Attilo Lombardo (I also have the game saved the day before Allegri is appointed and I tried to add Lombardo before they even bid for Brian Kidd and I still got the same alert, So for some reason the game just does not allow me to appoint 2 assistants with the in game editor but will try and appoint multiple assistants in game itself, so surely that's a bug?).


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As another test I just done I saw when I appointed Allegri for Arsenal that Landucci was waiting for a work permit, so before he got his work permit I appointed Lombardo as Assistant because no one was assistant yet (officially), then I skipped a few days and they had approached another assistant Rui Pedro Silva. So they can 100% have more than 1 assistant but that message still pops up if I tried to offer the assistants job to another coach, Just to clarify that this must be a bug and not just the board allowing only allowing 1 assistant. Thanks Luke.




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added screenshots
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More evidence this is a bug and not a new feature request, Tottenham are advertising for another Assistant (Screenshot 1) even though they already have one (Screenshot 2), But when I try and add another assistant because they clearly want another I get this message again (Screenshot 3).

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


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Thanks for raising this issue. We will look into this. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused in your save game

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