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EHM1.5 beta - unable to claim any players off waivers

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Problem: cannot claim any players off waivers. Uncertain if this is a bug or if this will be cleared automatically.

  • "Claim player" option no longer available when right clicking
  • Error message reads: "you have made too many claims in"
  • Claimed 21 players on waivers from 22.09.20 to 28.05.21. As of 29.09.22, unable to claim any players.

Uploaded file with ability to claim players ca September 2021: Waivers before issue.sav
Uploaded file with inability to claim players ca September 2022: Waivers issue. sav

  • EHM 1.5 beta
  • ECK pivot
  • Fresh save



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Typically teams are allowed only one claim at a time, so could be that ?

I'll have a quick look at the saves.

Edit: it looks like a claim was made for a player at some point but it was never removed due to the player never being claimed from waivers (likely released/traded/etc before the claims process was completed). I've added a safety check for the next build to remove these kind of expired claims from the system.

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