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first time using libero

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Very hit and miss at the moment. 


Libero seems to be doing his job well, sprayin balls out wide for the wingback (has plays long range pass trait) and to the attackers at times. 


Problem I seem to have is the massive gap between the two centre backs when we get caught in possession, which is why I've gone with narrow attacking width which I otherwise wouldn't do. 

Unsure on roles and duties for the two centre midfielders. 


What doesn't look right to you? 

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4 hours ago, Red Horizon said:

What doesn't look right to you? 

Let's start with what looks good. I like the setup on the left flank, it really makes perfect sense (attacking WB covered by a holding CM + supporting DLF to help link up play with deeper midfield and the WB) :thup:

However, the right side/flank is quite the opposite - also an attacking WB, but without any cover. Instead, you have another attack-minded + roaming role in front of him. 

Central penetration also seems to be lacking. In my book, the AMC would make more sense on attack duty. At the same time, given the presence of a role like mezzala in your midfield + lack of a DM, I would prefer the libero on support.

The use of narrow attacking width in an already narrow formation is probably not necessary, especially if you are a strong team that mostly faces defensive opposition.

WBiB has a tendency to overcomplicate attacking play, so I would not insist on using such instruction on a regular basis.

Last but not least, the combination of your defensive TIs does not look optimal IMHO (extremely aggressive defending coupled with lower compactness than optimal).

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