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Which was the first CM/FM game to use newgens rather than regens?

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All the recent talk about the European Super League and reflecting on the state of football as it is now has me hankering for the older era. Thankfully those eras have been preserved in the video games of the time, and while it's nice to boot up FIFA or PES and play that, no football game comes close to CM/FM for me.

That being said, I'm not too fond of the old recycling retired players back into the game. I love the variety provided by the randomly generated newgens, so I was wondering what the first game to use this system was? Was it CM 03/04? I know FM 07 has it, but I thought I'd ask here before going and digging the old games out to install them one by one to figure it out myself. :D

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Really stretching my memory, my instinctive feeling is that it was FM 2005 (first FM) but I'm not 100%, it might be one either side.

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