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[FM21.4] Re-Imagined League Of Ireland Structure

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The Current League structure in Ireland is made up for 3 separate codes of football...

Senior, Intermediate & Junior, these different codes have very little interaction across the football pyramid only in a few cup competitions. Its a mess to be honest, where you have some Junior clubs paying more than some senior clubs, with the added benefit of less travelling due to Junior leagues being defined within small areas compared to the national senior leagues.

So I have decided to join up these 3 separate codes, with a streamlined pyramid...My limited skill within the Advanced Editor means i couldn't replicate the real life structures, but i think its a decent attempt to get a joined up structure in place.

So we now have 

League Structure

Senior Leagues

Irish Premier League(16 Teams)

Irish First Division(16 Teams)

Intermediate & Junior Leagues(Regionalized)  


Regionalized Intermediate Premier Division (3 Leagues -12 Teams)

Regionalized Intermediate First Division (3 Leagues - 12 Teams)

Regionalized Intermediate Second Division (3 Leagues - 8 Teams)

Regionalized Junior Championship (3 Leagues - 12 Teams)

Regionalized Junior Premier Divisions(12 Leagues - 8 Teams)*

*The Junior Premier Division further regionalizes the existing 3 regions:

North Western & Midlands: Border Regions, Midlands, North Western and Western

South Western: Central South, Greater Limerick & District, Mid Western and South Western

Eastern: Dublin Metropolitan, Mid-East, North East and South Eastern


Senior Challenge Cup(FAI Cup) - All Teams

League Cup - Premier & First Division Teams Only

First Division Trophy - First Division Teams Only

Irish Intermediate Cup - Regionalized Premier, First & Second Divison Teams Only

[Insert Region Name] Intermediate Cup - Regionalized Premier, First & Second Division Teams (3 Comps, 1 for each region)

[Insert Region Name] Intermediate Trophy - Regionalized Premier & First Divison Teams (3 Comps, 1 for each region)

[Insert Region Name] Intermediate Shield - Regionalized Second Divison Teams (3 Comps, 1 for each region)

Irish Junior Cup - All Junior Teams

[Insert Region Name] Junior Cup - Regionalized Junior Championship & Premier Division Teams (3 Comps, 1 for each region)

[Insert Region Name] Junior Shield - Regionalized Junior Championship (3 Comps, 1 for each region)


U19 Structure is still a Work In Progress[WIP], but still has an elite league & performance league

Its pretty playable as it is...Currently running a save on it as too is my brother...

Any and all feedback appreciated


LOI Re-Imagined.fmf

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A couple of things have popped up.

Firstly in the Junior Leagues, there is a big gap between final game of season and county championship finals for some county's 

Secondly, there seems to be a group affect of clubs deciding to upgrade their stadia, which results in numerous clubs temporarily using the same stadium. In my file, it was 5 Clare teams all playing outta of Jackman park in the 2 season, bit this didn't happen to my brother until his 6 season.

Premier and First Division sides pretty dominate the county championships, despite adding the restrictions on their match day squad(prem teams, no more than 5 o19 players, first teams no more than 7 o19 players)

Some dates for junior cups conflict and clash, and causes unnecessary fixture congestion


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